Thursday, June 22

Positano Fishing Tours!

Positano was originally a fishing village. These days there is much less fishing going on with only 2 'proper' fishing boats left that go out regularly.

But now thanks to Alberto Russo (who you might know from the Alternativa Bar on the jetty) you can enjoy fishing in the Mediterranean with Positano as your backdrop.

Alberto has a new fishing boat and has recently launched Positano Fishing Tours. You can join him and his father Luigi on the boat where they will take you to the best spots to catch your own dinner for the evening.

 We decided to get up early one morning  and join Alberto for the day. I actually requested that we start very early as I wanted to try and see the dolphins that can be spotted playing close to Positano in the mornings.
And we did! We saw three dolphins diving and swimming just in front of Praiano. What a beautiful sight! After that we headed further out and caught us some dinner which we enjoyed at Il Guarracino restaurant later on that evening.

If you are interested in going fishing in Positano get in touch with Alberto at Positano Fishing Tours, and follow them on Instagram too to see regular catch of the day photos!

Watch the video of our Positano fishing experience here:

Tuesday, April 11

Amalfi Lemon Experience: Lemon Grove Tour

Did you know that you could do a tour of the lemon groves in Amalfi? It is a great half day out and you really get to grips with how the lemon industry works and what the lemons are used for.

Laura from Ciao Amalfi and I were invited to join a tour and we had a great time. Laura has written a very informative blog post on the day so head over to her blog to read about it HERE.

I made a little video of our day so you can get a more visual experience (or in case you might never get there but want to pretend you were there too!)

Here is the website if you want to book a tour: Amalfi Lemon Experience

Tuesday, April 4

Wisteria in Positano

Everybody loves Wisteria, so it's a win win situation when it comes into flower on the Amalfi Coast! I think it came out early this year as by the last week of March it was pretty much in flower all over town.
So, come and take a walk with me around town on a sunny spring day to see the pretty flower!

Don't forget to hit the subscribe button (little heart in the bottom right corner of the video) to see all the life in Positano videos as I don't post them all here!

Saturday, March 25

A day trip from Positano to Naples

A day trip from Positano to Naples? Wait, isn't Naples dangerous and scary? Well, not really, it's just as dangerous as any big city, but if you look at studies of the most dangerous cities in Italy then Naples is way down the list with Milan, Bologna and Florence cited as much more dangerous.

I've been enjoying Naples for years and am more than happy to go alone, travel on the Metro and wander around the markets. There is so much to see, you could easily spend a week exploring and only scratch the surface.

Last week we drove into the city for the day, without a real plan and just enjoyed the food and atmosphere. We wandered through the morning food markets, ducked along narrow alleyways and into enormous churches that you would have never guessed were even there. We ate in one of the noisiest restaurants ever and then caught the funicular train to the top of the city an walked around the ramparts of an old castle with breathtaking views.

Here's a video of our day, maybe it will inspire you to visit Naples one day!

Tuesday, March 21

Waterfall Hike in Amalfi - Valle delle Ferriere

Waterfalls in Amalfi? The Valle delle Ferriere is full of waterfalls and abandoned factories. Waterfalls slide through gothic arches and plunge into pools all the way through the valley. Once a secret this place has now (unfortunately) been 'discovered'. I blogged about this way back in 2007 and mentioned that we had only seen 4 people in the valley all day long. This time we saw at least 100!

If you want to go there, please wear sensible shoes, take food and water and do not litter.
Once in Amalfi walk up the main street away from the sea and follow the signs to the Valle delle Ferriere.
Or catch a but to Scala, get off at Minuta and walk down from there (see video below for photo indications) 

I also found an old video from years ago when I took my dad up to see the Valley:

Wednesday, March 15

What to see in Praiano, Amalfi Coast

Praiano sits in between Positano and Amalfi and most people pass right through without stopping at all. It is a beautiful town, much more peaceful and serene that its bustling neighbours.
I went for a wander around last week, just to see what I could find to do in Praiano off season and I was very pleasantly surprised:

I walked through the alleyways and discovered countless pieces of art, paintings and ceramics that have been embedded in the walls.
I admired the views from the main church piazza below the road and the tiny church of San Maria di Costantinopoli at the very top of the town.
I visited an 800 year old tower where an artist has his studio and I walked a coastal pathway around to the beach of La Praia.
I also visited a limoncello factory where you can see how they utilise every part of the lemon.

Take a look at my day here:

Monday, March 6

8 Things to do in Positano and 7 places to eat.

I get a lot of messages like this one so I thought I would put together some information to share.

Hi Nicki,
  I am going to be in Positano in May and would appreciate any information you could provide regarding recommendations /suggestions on places to see, excursions, restaurants, etc. If you ever come to Portland, Maine, I'd be happy to do the same.

So here are a few ideas of things to do in and around Positano.

1. If the weather is good you should do a boat excursion, either to Capri or along the Amalfi Coast... only if it is warm enough though! Try looking at Bluestar Positano, they have great boats and captains (Peppe is the best). Hire Kayaks or SUP from any of the main beaches. and go explore the coastline.

2. You should take a day to go and explore Amalfi and Ravello...stop off in Amalfi, see the beach, the Cathedral, a quick wander through the side lanes. The Lemon Tour is not to be missed, it takes you high above the harbour with a fantastic view from the lemon groves and catch a bus or taxi up to Ravello. 

3. Visit the gardens of the Villa Cimbrone, they will be amazing in May. Have lunch at Cumpa Cosimo...I always get the mixed pasta, you get 5 different dishes on one plate to try!

4. In Positano, visit the different beaches, see which you prefer. If you want to go to Da Adolfos at Laurito beware that nowadays you have to book ahead or the boat will not take you, it's just too busy!

Other than the main beach you could spend a day at the quieter Fornillo Beach and lunch at any of the beach bars there, I go there a lot.

5. Catch a boat over to Arienzo for a relaxing day at the beach, or for great music and a party atmosphere get the boat to One Fire Beach in Praiano.

6. Don't just stay at sea level, get the bus and explore. o join the locals for an evening drink at the Bar Internazionale, walk back down through the alleyways. and discover breathtaking views and villas along the way.

7. Catch a bus up to Montepertuso or Nocelle and walk back down, there are a lot of steps but the views are amazing, I do it every day instead of going to the gym.

8. Go hiking. There are plenty of trails around town. The obvious one is the Path of the Gods. Here's a video where we walk it from Nocelle to the Monastery above Praiano. Or you could walk from Positano up to Santa Maria di Castello for lunch in the mountains.

Some suggestions of places to eat other than the obvious beach restaurants are:

  • Make sure that one day you have lunch or breakfast at Casa e Bottega.
  • If you are NOT vegetarian go for dinner at La Tagliata, beware the starters are NEVERENDING so pace yourselves!
  • For pizza: the Covo bar near where the ferries arrive, best pizza in town.
  • Mediterraneo on the road at Fornillo is great, stuffed zucchini flowers are the best there.
  • Bar Bruno has a wonderful view, great food and a perfect people watching location.
  • If you can track down Bee Chic Street Food you'll have a really alternative evening. A surprising mix of Sashimi, Totani e Patate and Fish&Chips served from a tiny truck by an English chef and an Italian Sommelier. Check on Facebook where they will be each evening.
  • Gelato from the Buca di Bacco bar on the beach, it is also the perfect place for afternoon aperitivi (you might just find me there when the sun has gone down....if I'm not there I'll be at the kiosk bar on the jetty where all the beach and boat crew hang out after work ;-)

If you see me around town do stop to say hello!

Wednesday, March 1

Positano Carnevale 2017

Yesterday was Carnival time in Positano! Now, it's only a small parade, nothing like the Venice Carnevale but it is a fun way to spend an afternoon in February if you happen to be here at the right time.
This year was the smallest parade I've seen, only 2 floats but ALL the school kids were in costume and dancing and all the town came out to join in and in the end that is what it should be about, community spirit. Everybody together, dressed in silly costumes, dancing down the street!

I took a quick video to show the highlights of the parade as they set off from the Chiesa Nuova and made their way down towards the beach:

Tuesday, February 28

A Day trip from Positano to Monte Faito.

Monte Faito is one of the tallest mountains in the Monte Lattari range that stretches along the Amalfi Coast. It is only about 45 minutes from Positano by car and is worth the drive for the breathtaking views you get from the top.

Last week we drove up there with a bunch of friends and were surprised to find snow still on the ground! We stopped off at a few viewpoints overlooking Sorrento, Capri and the whole Bay of Naples and we went for a walk through the chestnut forests.

Soon we had worked up an appetite but to our dismay there was nowhere open for lunch. Usually there are a few different restaurants open up there but in deep and dark February most places are closed for vacation. So we drove back down the mountain and stopped off to eat at an agriturismo called Nonno Luigino near Vico Equense which turned out to be rather a good find.

Here's a quick video of our day out:
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