Wednesday, August 17

White Water Kayaking in Cilento

Now, this is something we have wanted to do for ages. Once we had booked our trip to Palinuro, I also booked us in for some white water river action in the Cilento National Park.  Campobase is based on the beautiful Tanagro River and also handily right next door to the incredible cave system, the Grotte di Pertosa, also well worth a visit.

First of all we were briefed on how to sit in and manage the kayaks, which handled quite differently from the sea kayaks that we use in Positano. We were kitted out in incredibly stylish wetsuits, jackets, life-vests and helmets, before wading into the river and setting off.
The river was shallow, not much higher than my knees and lovely and cool. There were dragonflies and butterflies around us and pond skaters raced across the water all around.

We followed our guide Stefano down the river for about 2 hours in all, working our way through a series of rapids and learning how to paddle through them without getting stuck or falling in. (The way to do it is "paddle, paddle, paddle, go, go, go!")

Watch me go!

Campobase also offers white water rafting,cave rafting in the nearby Grotte di Pertosa, which I really wanted to do, but there wasn't enough time to do both, and canyoning (for the fit and healthy only).

The kayaking was not at all scary (I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I ended up loving it) and even when near the finish Stefano told us that we would be going over a 4 1/2 metre waterfall and I felt a shiver of fear go through me, I then thought, what the hell, if it's part of the course it can't be THAT dangerous! Of course it wasn't, he was winding us up, the drop was only about a metre high and brilliant fun!

We hope to go back and try the cave rafting or canyoning soon. Here's a quick montage of our experience:

Sunday, August 7

The other Blue Grotto (Palinuro not Capri)

Everyone has heard of the Blue Grotto in Capri, right? Amazing blue waters inside a cave that you are rowed into on a small boat, a must when visiting the island, most say.
But then you go and have to wait for up to an hour and a half due to the sheer amount of tourists clamouring to see the cave. Then you have to pay €13.50 per person and within about 3 minutes you find yourself back outside and being hassled for extortionate tips from the boatmen...

 Well, the other day we went on a small road trip down to Palinuro, a small coastal town on the Cilento Coast, about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Positano.
Palinuro has its own, less famous Blue Grotto and I have to say it was an absolute gem. We paid €15 for a 2 1/2 boat trip around the coast, included in the price was a visit to the Blue Grotto, or Grotta Azzurra as it is known in Italian.

First of all we noticed the size of the cave, it was way bigger than Capris Blue Grotto. You have to go right into the back of the cave to see the blue water.

The best thing about the visit was that it was just us. There were no other boats, no waiting to get in for hours on end, no boatmen screaming for tips, no entrance fee. Nobody. But.Us...

It was amazing, really worth the visit. We stayed in for as long as we wanted and then were taken along the rest of the coastline to see the Natural Arch (Arco Naturale),similar to Durdle Door in Devon, the Bay of Good Sleep (La Baia di Buon Dormire)which reminded us of beaches in Thailand and a few other caves and bays too. 

Here's my snapchat video of the road trip and the boat tour in Palinuro:

Wednesday, July 20

Kayaking from Positano to One Fire Beach

We took the dog and kayaked along the coast, stopping at a couple of caves before arriving at One Fire Beach, the party beach of the Amalfi Coast!

Saturday, July 9

A day at the beach in Positano

It's hot in Positano right now, so when some friends came on vacation we joined them for a classic day on the main beach and a very Italian lunch.

Wednesday, June 29

Superyachts and cemeteries!

Follow me on Snapchat or YouTube for everyday adventures in Positano. Here's my Tuesday for you!

Friday, June 24

3 day vlog: Positano, Praiano and Sorrento

3 for the price of 1!
Day 1: In which Skye finishes middle school and we celebrate with lunch on the beach.
Day 2: In which we drive along the Amalfi Coast for dinner at La Praia in Praiano.
Day 3: In which you can follow me to work at a beautiful hotel with views across to Capri.

Tuesday, June 21

Hike above Nocelle and full moon

The Pathway of the Gods is beautiful, but in the last few years has become really really busy with tourists marching up and down it all day long. So I took my friend Mahdi on a hike above Nocelle, away from the main Pathway where it was just the two of us and some spectacular views. Later on in the evening we headed down to the jetty in Positano to watch the full moon rise above Praiano.

Sunday, June 19

Positano Snapchat vlog June

Here's another snapchat, day in my life in Positano. A quick trip to Sorrento and the showing my friend Mahdis around town and teasing her for being a total tourist!

Sunday, June 12

A day at Fornillo Beach

The sun was shining, it was hot, finally, not just warm, but summer hot and we had planned lunch at da Ferdinandos beach bar with friends. Walk with me down to the beach and join us on our day at Fornillo Beach. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or Snapchat for more @nikinpos.

Monday, June 6

Kayaking with dog from Positano to Praiano!

Carlo and I both had a day off work and the weather was good so we dusted off the kayaks and headed over to Praiano for lunch at One Fire Beach. Of course Holly came along too, jumping from one kayak to another throughout the journey. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more daily videos or simply follow me on Snapchat @nikinpos.
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