Friday, June 24

3 day vlog: Positano, Praiano and Sorrento

3 for the price of 1!
Day 1: In which Skye finishes middle school and we celebrate with lunch on the beach.
Day 2: In which we drive along the Amalfi Coast for dinner at La Praia in Praiano.
Day 3: In which you can follow me to work at a beautiful hotel with views across to Capri.

Tuesday, June 21

Hike above Nocelle and full moon

The Pathway of the Gods is beautiful, but in the last few years has become really really busy with tourists marching up and down it all day long. So I took my friend Mahdi on a hike above Nocelle, away from the main Pathway where it was just the two of us and some spectacular views. Later on in the evening we headed down to the jetty in Positano to watch the full moon rise above Praiano.

Sunday, June 19

Positano Snapchat vlog June

Here's another snapchat, day in my life in Positano. A quick trip to Sorrento and the showing my friend Mahdis around town and teasing her for being a total tourist!

Sunday, June 12

A day at Fornillo Beach

The sun was shining, it was hot, finally, not just warm, but summer hot and we had planned lunch at da Ferdinandos beach bar with friends. Walk with me down to the beach and join us on our day at Fornillo Beach. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or Snapchat for more @nikinpos.

Monday, June 6

Kayaking with dog from Positano to Praiano!

Carlo and I both had a day off work and the weather was good so we dusted off the kayaks and headed over to Praiano for lunch at One Fire Beach. Of course Holly came along too, jumping from one kayak to another throughout the journey. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more daily videos or simply follow me on Snapchat @nikinpos.

Friday, June 3

A day in my life in Positano

Another little daily video (from Snapchat) of life in Positano. Here I drive to Ravello in uncertain weather, have a little explore around the town and then back to Positano for a photoshoot in some fantastic locations!

If you would like to see more daily videos either follow me on Snapchat @nikinpos or subscribe to my Youtube channel here.

Sunday, May 29

Amalfi Coast boat trip with Bluestar

At last the summer finally seems to have arrived, at the end of May but better late than never. Bluestar Boat Tours invited me out on a day trip along the Amalfi Coast. Watch the video and join us to see how the day went:

Thursday, March 17

Questions about Positano answered.

Hi Nicki,
 I sent you a message on Snapchat and you suggested that I message you on Facebook instead. I am going to be in Positano in May and would appreciate any information you could provide regarding recommendations /suggestions on places to see, excursions, restaurants, etc. If you ever come to Portland, Maine, I'd be happy to do the same.
 Hi Lisa,
If the weather is good you should do a boat excursion, either to Capri or along the Amalfi Coast... only if it is warm enough though! Try looking at Bluestar Positano, they have great boats and captains (Peppe is the best).
Also a day to go and explore Amalfi and Ravello...stop of in Amalfi, see the beach, church, a quick wander through the side lanes and then go up to Ravello. Visit the gardens of the Villa Cimbrone, they will be amazing in May. Have lunch at Cumpa Cosimo...I always get the mixed pasta, you get 5 different dishes on one plate to try!
In Positano, visit the different beaches, see which you prefer... Make sure that one day you have lunch or breakfast at Casa e Bottega... IF you are NOT vegetarian go for dinner at La
Tagliata, beware the starters are NEVERENDING so pace yourselves!
My favourite places to eat in Positano are:
For pizza go to the Covo bar near where the ferries arrive, best pizza in town.
Mediterraneo on the road at Fornillo is great, stuffed zucchini flowers are the best there..
Gelato from the Buca di Bacco bar on the beach. also good for afternoon aperitivi (you might just find me there when the sun has gone down)
Don't just stay at sea level, get the bus and explore..go join the locals for an evening drink at the Bar Internazionale, walk back down through the alleyways...catch a bus up to Montepertuso and walk back down, it is a lot of steps but the views are amazing, I do it
every day.
If you see me around town do stop to say hello!

Tuesday, March 15

From London to Positano!

I recently had the pleasure to write a guest post for the lovely Valter at Tourist By Chance. So if you fancy heading over to see what my top tips for Positano are, including my favourite places to eat and foods to try click HERE .


Wednesday, March 9

A hidden corner and a sunset.

Today it mostly rained in Positano and it doesn't look as if it's going to get much better in the next few days. Being early for an appointment in town I wandered down an alleyway that I never use and found this enchanting little house under an archway. I love it when I discover something new in such a small town, it always gives me hope that there is even more to discover!
I felt like posting something more colourful as my daily photo so I found this one from December. In the winter the sun sets over the sea and creates the most beautiful effects. I have a few special places to go and take sunset photos and this is one of them, on the terrace of the Hotel Maricanto, empty for the winter. Just me, my camera, the bougainvillea and the sunset!
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