Thursday, February 23

7 Positano Beaches by Kayak in winter

The weather has been great the last few days and when I saw that the sea was completely flat one day I decided to get the kayak out for a winter paddle.

It was a pleasure to have the whole coastline to myself, not a boat in sight to cut me up and make freak waves! The sea was clear and green and the beaches were sunny and quiet.

I paddled over to Laurito Beach and made my way slowly back to just past the Fornillo Tower, scaring myself silly in a couple of caves along the way!

I filmed it so I could take you along for the ride, come and have a paddle with me:

Wednesday, February 22

Hike from Positano up to a mountain lunch.

Done the Path of the Gods already? Here is an alternative hike that you can do from Positano. It takes you up to the village of Santa Maria di Castello where you can stop for a great lunch before heading back down to either Positano or Montepertuso.

And don't worry, if you haven't got the energy to do the hike yourself, you can join me in the video below!

You start at the steps to the left of the Bar Internazionale, walk up past the church, through the piazza until you see a tunnel. Follow the path through the tunnel and along for a while until you come down to the main road.

Just past the crossroads to Montepertuso there is an abandoned building with steps up the side, this is where the trail starts. The beginning is very steep.

Keep going up!

When you finally reach the top you will find a dirt road that will lead you into the small village of Santa Maria di Castello. To the right, just past the church is a lookout point with a breathtaking view of Positano.
To the left here are 3 restaurants to choose from, Zio Pepe is on the road then a few hundred metres along you will find a turn off to the other 2 restaurants. 

Go eat some good food, you deserve it after that climb!
Just make sure you leave enough time to get back down to Positano before it gets dark!

6 Strange Things to see in Positano

Think you've seen it all in Positano? Here are a few of the quirkier things to see in town that you might have missed!

Sunday, January 22

Walking from Montepertuso to Positano

These days tourist don't just stay on the beach, we find them everywhere around town! I can almost guarantee that when I'm in Montepertuso I will see people hovering near a stairwell, map in hand, wondering whether they can get to Positano that way or not.

So I decided to make another video! The most panoramic route down from Montepertuso to Positano. There are 2 other ways down, but they all end up in exactly the same place, Li Parlati, the old part of town.

You would want to go the OTHER way from this video if you want to stop off at the cemetery (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays) and have a look around, but check opening times as it varies throughout the year.

So, here we go, let me take you for a walk:

Thursday, January 12

Snow in Positano! - POSITANO VLOG

The 6th January, the day of the Befana in Italy: a witch that comes around the houses leaving stockings full of either lumps of coal for the bad kids or sweets and candy for the good kids. Unfortunately it was about -1 Centigrade and very windy in Positano so all the festivities that usually take place on the beach were cancelled. But, not all was lost as Nonno had made an enormous lasagna for all the family! After lunch it started snowing which is very unusual in Positano.

The next day the snow continued to fall but not settle. I braced the cold and took the dog out for a walk up the mountain the the hole of Montepertuso. It was very cold and windy, we didn't last long up there!

On the 8th January I decided to film a photo tour video (which will be published separately) and spent the morning marching around town to all my favourite photo ops. I take you along and manage to not get too confused whilst vlogging and making a separate video simultaneously!

Here's the video version of what I got up to:
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Saturday, January 7

From Sun to Snow - POSITANO VLOG

The beginning of 2017 kicked off with beautiful sunshine and bright blue skies. I decided to start the new year off the best way possible and get some exercise. So I met up with a friend and we hiked up above Positano towards Santa Maria del Castello.
It was so noisy! There was a marching band and music down in the centre of town and we could hear it loud and clear from way up high.

The next day I walked down to the beach and was surprised to see how busy it was, just like summer but with coats and wooly hats. Later o I had to accompany Skye back to school in the UK, so we packed her bags and then had to lug them 800 steps down to road level...Parking outside the house seems like a long lost dream to me).

Back in England for a day I went for a walk with Dad along the towpath before driving Skye back to boarding school and leaving her until February ;-(

And just like that I was on an early morning flight and back in Positano before lunchtime. To my surprise the beautiful sun of a few days ago had been replaced by snowy mountains.

Can't quite imagine it? Then watch the video!

Friday, December 30

Hiking the Path of the Gods

In the UK after Christmas we go for long walks in the woods and through the countryside. Here on the Amalfi Coast we go hiking instead. After two Christmas tea parties, one Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve and one traditional English Christmas lunch on the 25th we were in dire need of some exercise!

So we walked up to Nocelle and hiked to Praiano along the Pathway of the Gods.
The views from up there are amazing, we couldn't have picked a better spot to stop for lunch.

Note: Most people prefer to hike the Path the other way around from the way we did it (from Bomerano to Nocelle). You need to get a SITA bus to Amalfi, then change onto a bus for Bomerano and start there. Tell the driver you're doing the path of the Gods and he will tell you when to get off.

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Monday, December 19

Positano rock climbing and a scooter ride - POSITANO VLOG

I was invited to go rock climbing above Positano, which I failed at miserably. I did quite well last time, but that was probably because I had to set an example for my daughter!

Carlo and I took a trip to the medieval village of Caserta Vecchia, less than 2 hours drive away from Positano. It was very quiet as it was off season, but reminiscent of a Tuscan hill town.

Ever wondered what it feels like to take a scooter ride around Positano? Join us here as we ride around town and all the way down to the beach!

In last weeks vlog we spend a lazy day on the beach, visit Amalfi to see the nativity scenes in the fountains and hold a surprise birthday party for Carlo.

Monday, December 5

Where to stay in Positano

I get A LOT of messages from people asking me where to stay in Positano. Usually they don't give me any idea of their budget or preferences so it is really hard to help, not to mention very time consuming. (And they usually don't even say 'please' when they ask, what is that all about?

So I have sat down and put together some lists of places to stay in Positano depending on budget, preferences and location. If you want any further information about any of the places here you can easily use google, which will be quicker than asking me!

So let's start with the cheapest and the most expensive. Positano has got 1 hostel,

And Positano also has 3 5-star hotels:

In between the cheapest and most expensive places to stay there is a huge choice of B&B's, villas, hotels, apartments and boutique hotels and I probably don't know them all so feel free to leave a comment if you want to add to any list.
If you want to rent a villa or apartment you're best off going to Summer in Italy.
If you want a cheap room go to Airbnb.

Hotels with swimming pools in Positano.
Starting with the closest to the main beach and working further away:

Covo dei Saraceni
Palazzo Murat
Le Sirenuse
Il Poseidon
Punta Regina
Eden Roc
Posa Posa
Villa Franca
Hotel Royal
La Fenice
Villa TreVille
Le Agavi
Il San Pietro

Many private villas have pools too, go look on Summer in Italy. A few that I can think of that are great for wedding groups or large families are in no particular order:
Villa Oliviero
Villa Fiorentino
Villa San Giacomo
Villa Boheme
Palazzo Santa Croce
There are many others that I have not visited.

Ok, now let's start at the top of the mountain and work our way down towards the beach. Positano has two little suburbs above the main town, Montepertuso and Nocelle. There aren't any hotels but there are a quite a few B&B's and apartments. It is peaceful and quieter than the main town with breathtaking views and great access for hiking trails.

Where to stay in Nocelle
in no particular order

Casa Cuccaro
Villa Sofia
La Quercia
Villa Casola
Villa Antica Macina
Bacio del Sole
Villa degli Dei

Places stay in Montepertuso

Le Ghiande
Il Pertuso
Colle del'Ara
La Tagliata

Where to stay near the beach in Positano
You just want to relax and avoid the dreaded steps? Here are some ideas of where to stay at beach level in Positano.

Buca di Bacco
La Tartana
La Dolce Vita
Casa Lara
La Corellina
La Caravella 
Covo dei Saraceni
Flavio Gioia

Where to stay in the centre of Positano
You like walking around and exploring? Here are some places to stay in the town centre:

Villa Maria Antonietta
Villa Palumbo
Pensione Guadagno
Pensione Maria Luisa
Villa Yiara
Florida Residence

Boutique Hotels
Casa Buonacore
Villa Mary
Casa di Peppe
Villa Rosa

Villa Gabrisa
Palazzo Talamo
Art Hotel Pasitea
Hotel Savoia
Hotel Miramare
Casa Albertina

I'm sure I've forgotten some places, let me know if I should add something. Another good list I found  of places to stay in Positano is here.

Enjoy your stay! 


Wednesday, August 17

White Water Kayaking in Cilento

Now, this is something we have wanted to do for ages. Once we had booked our trip to Palinuro, I also booked us in for some white water river action in the Cilento National Park.  Campobase is based on the beautiful Tanagro River and also handily right next door to the incredible cave system, the Grotte di Pertosa, also well worth a visit.

First of all we were briefed on how to sit in and manage the kayaks, which handled quite differently from the sea kayaks that we use in Positano. We were kitted out in incredibly stylish wetsuits, jackets, life-vests and helmets, before wading into the river and setting off.
The river was shallow, not much higher than my knees and lovely and cool. There were dragonflies and butterflies around us and pond skaters raced across the water all around.

We followed our guide Stefano down the river for about 2 hours in all, working our way through a series of rapids and learning how to paddle through them without getting stuck or falling in. (The way to do it is "paddle, paddle, paddle, go, go, go!")

Watch me go!

Campobase also offers white water rafting,cave rafting in the nearby Grotte di Pertosa, which I really wanted to do, but there wasn't enough time to do both, and canyoning (for the fit and healthy only).

The kayaking was not at all scary (I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I ended up loving it) and even when near the finish Stefano told us that we would be going over a 4 1/2 metre waterfall and I felt a shiver of fear go through me, I then thought, what the hell, if it's part of the course it can't be THAT dangerous! Of course it wasn't, he was winding us up, the drop was only about a metre high and brilliant fun!

We hope to go back and try the cave rafting or canyoning soon. Here's a quick montage of our experience:

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