Friday, February 24

Going to England

When I was checking in at the airport last night, an Italian girl walked past, gave me a look of disdain and checked Carlo out. She was one of those ' I'm the sexiest maneater in the world' types. Long dark hair, big glossy lips etc...She was pretty enough but her attitude wasn't. A bit later on she came into the cafeteria area, sat at an end table with her back to all the other tables. She opened up her laptop (in full view of all other tables) and started examining nude photos of herself. As you do...

On the plane the girl sitting next to me kept looking at me, I thought she was trying to read my magazine. Then we figured out that we knew each other.When I first came to Italy no one in Positano would take me to Naples...too far ...too dangerous...too dirty. Andrea, a friend from Sorrento took it upon himself to show me everything worth seeing in the city, and after traipsing around street markets and alleyways all day we would go to his friend Enricas house, where if her mother was there, we'd get our fortunes told by card reading. Anyway, it was Enrica sitting next to me on the plane, so the time passed quickly as we reminisced and gossiped.
It is much colder here than in Italy at the moment, there's snow on the ground. But the house has central heating, the windows are double glazed and it feels good to be home.

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  1. Who ever said that Italian women don't like attention??!!!
    Hope your having a great time in England. By the way your photos are great too!


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