Friday, February 17

kids and cultural differences

  • When Skye started school I did all the things a good English parent should do. Unfortunately Italian parents do things different.
  • I sewed nametags into all her clothes.Italians don't. So I still get asked if this is Skyes cardigan or bib because they don't look for a name in the clothes.
  • I gave her a kids flask with juice but every day she brought it home full. It seems Italian kids only drink from juice boxes.
  • The local children have accepted my daughters 'different name'. Some of the adults have adapted it with the local dialect, they make it sound like" schguuyaa"I then pronounce their names with a very bad English accent until they learn.
  • Italians believe that air conditioning is extremely bad for babies. When Skye was little I was told to leave an air conditioned shop,was I mad bringing a child in here? The alternative was to stand on the edge of a road with no shade, no pavement. It was 34degrees C. I tried to explain that children are brought up in air conditioned enviroments all over the world without problems. I was sneered at and ignored.
  • The school here has a playground with slides,climbing frames and tricycles.But in november they put it all away. The kids haven't played outside since. It is not that cold here, I think kids need fresh air and the chance to run around every day. They should not be shut up inside for 7 hours.

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  1. Ginger (bardigiana)February 23, 2006 at 9:29 AM

    Isn't it a hoot, Italians still think you catch everything from the AIR!
    I'm from Calif, US and I can remember how horrified they used to be when we asked for ice for our cokes when I was a kid.
    Air conditioning must be the root of all evil!


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