Monday, February 20

nosy neighbours

Living in a place like this is great but has its disasvantages.Like the steps. Carrying 2 or 3 heavy shopping bags and a tired toddler down half a mountain isn't much fun. Another thing is the lack of privacy. All the houses look onto each other and probably every house has a pair of binoculars by the window. Everyone knows each other and it is 'obligatory' to "salute" people you know whenever you see them. This makes it hard to have a conversation when you're going somewhere due to constant interruptions of "ciao" and "dove vai?" (where are you going).

Walking down the steps with Skye one day we passed some women chatting. "Skye, dove vai?" asked one woman (who I don't know). Being only 2 she didn't answer. "What a rude child, look, she didn't answer me" the hag said to her cronies. I explained, "Signora, I have taught my daughter not to reply to 'dove vai' because where I come from it is considered rude to poke your nose in other peoples business. I don't know you or even your name, yet you expect me to inform you on where I am going. Does it seem normal, for example, to inform a complete stranger of a visit to the gynacologist?
Needless to say she has never spoken to me again!


  1. Divertentissimo.. You're right.. I positanesi sono così.. ma mi hai fatto riflettere.. aspettiamo la tua collaborazione al sito lo possiamo mettere il tuo blog come link?

    Michele Cinque (

    P.s.: scusa non so ancora registrarmi

  2. Living in unconditionally unfriendly Torino I envy you your chatty and curious neighbors only grudgingly make eye contact....after 3 YEARS!!!....never mind a greeting. I guess the grass is always greener....

  3. i lived in ischia for 2 and a half years (just a hop skip and a boat ride!) and the mentality was stifling. being a straniera it was difficult to make friends--even my boyfriend gennaro (that name's a big suprise isn't it?) who is napoletano was too much of an outsider. people were soooo negative and petty, mostly. we left about a month ago and i haven't looked back yet!

    i'm glad to hear that your "small town italy" experience has been better than mine. maybe it was the mentalita' isolana that makes the difference!

  4. Nikki - whether it was posted or not being without water for that long is wrong. Think of the health concerns.

    I found your blog over a year ago but somehow lost track. I'm now up to speed, whew a lot to catch up on.

    Hope you have a great summer, Poppy is sure a cutie.



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