Wednesday, February 15

prisoners in pos

This is what happened to the road out of our town recently. Luckily it happened at 8am and no one was hurt.Unfortunately it meant that the road was closed and the only way out was via a 2 hour detour. It didn't help that the road had already been partially closed from 8am-1pm and 3pm-6pm for the last month while they 'cleaned ' the mountain. This also meant that the buses running all along the coast were mostly cancelled. We were prisoners . Now it's been partly rebuilt, so we're free again!


  1. I have been to your town,and I am amazed at the size of the huge tour buses that are allowed to pass along the Amalfi highways, snarling up the roads and small towns en route.Not only are these buses getting larger and heavier but the people they carry also appear to be large and heavy, I imagine these people are also travelling with large amounts of heavy luggage,all this culminating in large holes and collapsed roads-that were never designed to take these diesel belching steel boxes full of animated cargo.
    Vesuvius may erupt, but more holes and road collapses are a certainty.A punitive tax based on size and weight and a restriction on the times they are allowed to travel, would clear the air and maybe the roads.

  2. well said. It is becoming incredibly difficult to get out of Positano by car as the buses seem to get stuck on every corner..


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