Tuesday, March 28

babysitter wanted

Finding a babysitter here is neary impossible. Teenagers these days get given big 'allowances' from their parents, so they don't need to work to earn money.
Last year I had a 16 year old girl who was great at playing games with Skye and taking her out. But she didn't know how to cook so every morning before work I would have to prepare lunch for them both, put the saucepan on the hob, weigh out the right amount of pasta or rice and leave a note saying how long to cook it for!

She was also very accident prone. Last summer she:
  • Dropped a hot iron on her leg.
  • Fainted whilst holding Skye.
  • Got knocked over by a passing motorino.
  • Was hit in the face by an exploding champagne cork

I also came home early one evening, at 10 instead of 11pm and found Skye still awake watching tv alone in the living room. Babysitter girl was in my bedroom, styling her hair with my hair straighteners while chatting on the phone. When asked, she swore she hadn't been using the hair iron even thought it was still hot and she still had a butterfly clip sectioning her hair.

I sort of lost trust in her after that. But I can't find anyone else so I'm stuck with her. She has just started working for me again last weekend but has already informed me that she can't work next Saturday. Which is when I need her the most..

Is 3 too young to start working in a shop? Because I think I will just have to take Skye with me and try my best to keep her sticky mitts off the posh frocks!


  1. ahhh I had a 'nanny' till i was 7, only it was a guy, so i feel weird calling him a nanny :D I remember my days of babysitting when i was younger. Although I was only about 10 or 11, so I wasnt left alone with the baby. But the mom worked from home so I would go over there and play with the baby so she could get work done. I think I pulled in about $3 an hour! hehe

    good luck with this girl, maybe her luck has changed this year! although it sounds like she is pretty flakey. And come on, she's Italian and doesnt know how to cook pasta?!? what's up with that?

  2. yael- I have to figure out a way to answer questions like these without'others' knowing. Um- yes , they're close but...like the 'how I met Carlo' thing I can't write about it on here... mysterious huh?!

  3. what about a nanny cam? I am sure this is a controversial issue with people with kids. Seems like a good idea to me.

  4. Well I'm not of much help but if it makes you feel any better we too have a problem finding babysitters. Fact is we haven't even tried (dared!) asking a stranger, but for the grandparents... no.

    By the way, that green leaf looks familiar! Alexander has the very same one in his room! :D

  5. I just found your site today and I am looking forward to reading through it.

    Your daughter is beautiful! Sorry about your luck with the baby sitter. I volunteer at a the local preschool. We take children as young as one. Is there something like that where you live?


  6. nanny cam? you mean secretly filming them?I don't think I could bear the tension!
    CR theres playschool for Skye weekdays but nothing at the weekend.
    Lori- hmmm, maybe!

  7. hell yes, she's old enough. you know in some parts of the world 3 year olds are sewing evening gowns 12 hours a day. i think they are called sweet shops, although i don't know what it has to do with sweets...

    and for the "how i met carlo" thing, you have my email...;)

  8. Rebecca Elizabeth EvansDecember 11, 2006 at 11:21 PM

    I came across your blog site by complete accident because I google searched for the phrase "Got out of the wrong side of the bed" and I guess you must have said it in one of your blogs ha ha. I read one post and then I got hooked - you have a fabulous life by the sounds of it in Italy. I am from Wales (remember that dot of a country stuck to England? Ha ha.) but I'm definitely going to move abroad for a few years (maybe forever) when I have finished my Masters degree. I know this post was a long time ago, but do you still need a babysitter? I'd do anything to move to Italy ha ha!


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