Tuesday, March 21

boat trip

Today it was warm enough to paddle.
During my first year here I worked for a while in an art gallery. The lunchbreak was from 1-4pm, so I would change into a bikini and sarong and head to the beach.I met up with friends and we would have lunch at a beachbar, then swim and sunbathe until it was time to go back to work.

One day, arriving on the beach I saw 2 friends Daniella and Peppe waiting in a little rubber dingy with an outboard motor. "Ooh, are we going out in that?"I asked.
"No,"replied Daniella,"we've been invited onto a friends boat." The friend was a rather snobby adn rigid young man who owned one of the local hotels and the boat was his big sleek speedboat. Danny climbed aboard and as I was following it became obvious why we had been invited. There was 'hotel owner', his friend and an older man with a fat cigar and a glass of champagne...and seven bronzed bikini babes.
"No, I'm sorry, this isn't my thing," I said trying to get back down the ladder where Peppe was still waiting in the dingy.

"Wait!" Hotel owner came over and explained that cigar man was a client of the hotel who had hired the boat for the day (and probably the bikini babes too)and could I just tag along so that cigar man had someone to speak English to. This wasn't a very convincing explanation because everyone on board except the babes spoke perfect English. As I was about to decline I heard Peppe firing up the motor and watched as he abandoned me with the Hugh Hefner wannabee.

Off we sped. The boat was beautiful, sleek and very fast. In no time at all we had arrived at the islands which lie in front of Positano. The bikini babes stayed to themselves, draping their bodies sexily around the boat. I was introduced to cigar man who was a rich, pompous Englishman who became steadily drunker and stupider throughout the day. At one point he got hold of my mobile phone and actually called my Dad!I have no idea what he said to him but when I wrestled the phone off him all Dad said was "who's the pisshead then?"
We all jumped off the boat for a swim, climbed back on and soaked up some sun. Cigar man decided that he was hungry.

We sped down the coast to a village which has some lovely waterside restaurants. Someone was sent off to fetch takeaway for 12 people. Trays and trays of food arrived. We had fresh mozzarella with vine tomatoes, bruschette, octopus salad, prosciutto crudo and melon, fried seaweed doughballs, marinated swordfish and anchovies and jugs of sangria with fresh peaches. The unwanted boat trip was becoming worthwhile!

It was just gone 3pm. "Shouldn't we be getting back now? I've got to go to work soon," I asked.
"Nah,"said cigar man, "I want to see Capri. Come on guys, lets go all the way around the island. I want to see the nudist beach."
"No, really, I have to get back to work, I can't just not turn up, the boss will be angry."

A stupid conversation started where cigar man said he would hire me officially and tell the boss I was his staff, he would phone my boss and tell him I had been kidnapped, he would pay me what I'd earn in the summer so I didn't have to work....etc. Finally Hotel Owner called my boss and told him that I was on the boat, it had broken down and we were waiting to be saved.I would be very late for work.

So we sailed around Capri,stopping off for the occasional swim, we sped back to the islands to catch the last of the sun there and eventually glided into the port at 6.30pm. I slunk up to the gallery and called the boss. "Stranded eh? Hmm, va bene, but don't do it again."


  1. gotta love it when you start to get that creepy feeling that the invitation you got wasnt that innocient after all. glad nothing bad happened though! actually sounds like it was a pretty fun day other than the problems with the boss. but hey, that's what summer jobs are all about. :D

  2. oh yes, different island same story! lo conosco...but NOTHING to complain about ;)


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