Thursday, March 30

Napoli by bike

Today I had a meeting in Naples with a friend who makes jewellery. I had to pick up some pieces to sell in the boutique. We decided it would be easier to go on the bike for traffic and parking reasons. It felt good to get out of Positano for a while, even if I was putting my life at risk by going on an south Italian motorway on the back of a motorino. After the meeting I had arranged to meet up with a friend...Well, not really a friend...ok, now I think I can call her a friend, but before today we had never met!

Only once before have I met up with someone I met 'through the internet', and it was a disaster. My friend and I used to 'chat ' to this american girl who seemed really nice. She came to London, we met up but in real life she had nothing to say. Personality =zero. The conversation was strained, she didn't want to go anywhere or see anything and we'd already offered her a room for the night. She was also very very large and very sweaty... Oh well, you live and you learn. Needless to say we never heard from her again!

Today I met up with Tracie B (My Life Italian). We arranged to meet over a very bad phone line. So Carlo and I waited outside the British embassy and Tracie and Gennaro waited outside the American embassy! After 20 minutes and another phonecall we were closer, just different sides of the American Embassy. I walked around the building trying to find someone I didn't know. I saw a girl standing by a car and thought 'that must be her', but then she waved at someone going past, so I kept walking. I couldn't see anyone waiting around so I looked back at the girl. She was waving at someone else. 'Maybe that is her', I thought, 'either she knows everbody in Naples or she thinks they are all me!'

It was her and we had a really nice afternoon drinking beer in a little bar by the port. We must have had 200 half conversations, the type you never get round to finishing because there are too many things to say and ask. At 3pm we had a little panic, realising that we wouldn't get back in time to pick Skye up from school. I called a few people and eventually found someone to fetch her.

It was time to leave, so we took some photos (Tracie looks great, I think I look like a transvestite), said goodbye and got back on the bike. We narrowly avoided crashing when a very large lorry pulled out of a sideroad while admiring the view in front of him instead of checking for oncoming traffic. The usual sort of 'almost accident' that Italians take in their srtide with a couple of hand gestures. We arrived back in Positano with numb bums and stiff necks, tracked down our daughter and went home for pizza.


  1. you didn't tell me about the lorry, now I shall worry! Don't do that trip again by bike, please!
    mom xx

  2. Hey Nicki.

    Very nice picture. Sounds like you and Tracie had a good time. I'm jealous...would love to meet you and Tracie one day, but I'd have to come all the way from NJ. :)


  3. oh, wait, you look great! definitely NOT a transvestite, silly girl:)

  4. oh and by the way, i am really not as fat as i look in that picture. and hopefully, not as ugly...but i am definitely that white. definitely.

    had a great time nicky! hope to see you two soon, saluti a carlo anche da genny :)

  5. You both are INSANE!

    You both are very lovely.


  6. common now, tracie you do not look fat. and niki, well, yeah, you do kinda look like a transvestite! hehe j/k you both look awsome. i wish i had been there with you guys instead of at my hellish day of lessons. ugh. 3 more months... the end wont come fast enough... cept then its bye bye italy for me! :(

  7. Sei bravissima... hai la stoffa della giornalista e il tuo blog e bellissimo.. le foto sono stupende.. ma hai fatto dei corsi? Come fai ad essere cosi brava? Scrivevi gia prima? Complimenti

  8. Oh. So THIS is what the two of you look like. One fat and ugly, the other transvestite-like. Well it's been nice knowing you...

    hahahhaha SORRY!!! Just kidding! You both look awesome, you're two beautiful girls and I'm sure you had a wonderful time. I only wish you would come to the GTG so I could have the opportunity to meet you too!

  9. Nikki, I finally found your blog! I had forgotten the address and just kept experimenting. It's fun to read, I feel in touch with Positano. All is well in the US. Have some upcoming weddings for you. Send me an email!


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