Friday, March 10

on the dole

Last year I worked from June to November which means I qualify for 'reduced disoccupation' meaning unemployment money for the months I didn't work. So in November I went to the employment office and was told to come back in a few weeks. I went back in December and was told to come back at the end of January. I went in January and was told to come back at the end of February.

This is typical here. We're talking about unemployment money for Jan-May 2005. It is vital to the people who can only work seasonally and badly paid. Yet they don't let me claim it until the end of February and then it had to be processed and accepted. So I won't get the money until at least the end of March. Carlo has had to pay 3 months rent for me (until I get this cheque to pay him back).

Anyway, yesterday I finally got the necessary form signed and stamped in Positano and told to take it to another town-40 minutes drive down the coast. I wanted to stop by an office in Amalfi as well to ask why after 8 years and umpteen requests for a hard copy of my codice fiscale they still hadn't sent it. I needed to get one for Skye too.
Most of these offices that deal with the public only do so until 12 midday. So yesterday I had 3 hours to:
  • take a child to school in one town
  • visit 2 different offices in 2 different towns
  • negotiate really bendy roads with big chunks missing
  • wait behind tourist buses that get stuck going round every corner
  • park in the towns only carpark that is 2 km's from the place you need to go to

and make stupid mistakes like looking for an office in Maiori instead of Minori (2 towns next to each other). I left Amalfi til last and got to the office at 11.55am but it was already closed.

And I just found out that the road out of town has been closed AGAIN.

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