Sunday, March 5

Time to go home

The crocuses are out in full force in England . Tomorrow we are going back to Italy where the daffodils are already in bloom. Time passes so fast here. I arrive with a list of things to do and people to call and see, but I never manage to do it all. Hopefully I will be back in late May or June and yet again I will try and fit everthing in.

But I am happy to go back. The weather should be starting to warm up, friends are returning from far-flung places (posipeople work all summer and have long holidays in the winter) and the town is beginning to come alive again after its long hibernation.

I've been to the supermarket and bought supplies of: bacon, pork and apple sausages, cheddar cheese, tea, magazines, Cadburys chocolate and various other english goods that I convince myself I can't live without. I always feel sad leaving my parents house-it is a lovely comfy house that has been home for 25 years, but I'm happy to go back to Carlo and a whole new Summer ahead of us. All sorts of things happen in Positano in the summer...


  1. Hi Nicki, can't believe you have gone without us catching up :-(

    Anyway love the site and hopefully see you soon.

    LOL M xxx

  2. i miss you both already!

  3. anonymous misses me!hmmmm, I miss you too mum!xxx


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