Thursday, March 16


This is south Italy.It is mid march and it is still cold. Every night I wheel a portable gas heater into the bathroom half hour before bathtime, then wheel it back into the living room. I put an extra sweater on to go into the kitchen and cook dinner. About an hour before bedtime the gas heater is wheeled into the bedroom, 2 hot water bottles are filled, placed under the duvet, and moved every 15 minutes to makle the bed warm enough to climb into. Pyjamas are draped infront of the heater before putting on.

When 'the locals' decided to build houses they were obviously thinking of summer. But the winters here seen to last for about 5 months. Why would they not take that into consideration when building a house? Why is central heating not an option? Double glazing?

About 3 years ago we decided to install a heater/air-conditioner. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. But what we didn't realize until it was too late is that the electricity supply allocated to the apartment is not enough.It is impossible to use them simultaneously and if you have the heater on you cannot use the hair-dryer or the electric oven. It is advisable to turn off the water heater if you use 2 other electrical appliances or more. When we forget this, the whole power supply swithches off.

The fuse box is outside, down 160 steps, round the back of the condo (no lights at night), in a little shed with 37 other identical fuse boxes. Usually when this happens Carlo is out, Skye is in the bath or while I am drying her hair, and is pouring with rain and dark outside.


  1. you know you've been in italy too long when you call naples "the civilized world."

    and i think overuse of this :) is another sign that one is surely impazzendo...

  2. Stop moaning - your little brother is about to move in to a flat and cant afford even food!! although dare i say that's because of his wine habit!! Just been back to New York and managed to retrace our steps without freezing my feet off, moaning, or blowing my nose from frost bite!! actually had my sun glasses on - shame we didn't go a week later. Love you laods....Dan xx (little brother!)Big hug to my neice xx

  3. Dan- that is the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. How much did you drink first though?? XXXXlove you too


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