Monday, March 20


I don't like certain words in Italian. For example, if I cough and someone asks whats wrong I have to say 'I have a cough'. But the Italian word for cough is 'tosse' pronounced 'tosser'. For me that means 'wanker'. I am NOT comfortable telling people that 'I have a tosser'.

There also doesn't seem to be a word for fluffy. Hairy, yes, furry, yes but not fluffy.
And I can't seem to find a word that means 'locked' as in 'locked the door'. You can say 'have you closed the door?' but then are not sure if it has been locked because it hasn't been specified. So you have to say 'have you closed the door with the key'. Which to me seems unecessarily long-winded.

Recently I said 'droghe'(drugs) instead of medicine while talking to the Doctor. He probably thought I was a junkie by the look on his face. And talking of medicines, what is going on with the pharmacy here? Great if you want designer sunglasses, Dr Scholl shoes or toys for the baby, but ask for a prescription and more often than not it has to be ordered for the next day. And the prices...10 euro for a tub of Vicks vaporub? I could get it sent from England for less.


  1. you know what else is missing? CRISPY. i mean, how can you describe the way a kit kat gives airly between your teeth or the way yummy, salty crisps (chips for you americans) snap so easily if you cannot use the word CRISPY for god's sake? CRUNCHY just doesn't cut it.

    ohhohohoho....i hate the closed or closed thing. you know the word for lock, as in "locking mechanism" is serratura, right? but nobody EVER says, "did you close the serratura." so i guess the italians enjoy ambiguity when it comes to their safely.

    i, personally, like to know that my things are closed. with a key, that is.

  2. I know excactly what you mean about medicine here, I get all my basic medication: paracetamol,nurofen, benylin for children, calpol etc from england as not only do the equivelant here cost too much but are not always available specialy nice tasting cough syrup for children!And don't you think that italian doctors prescribe antibiotics easily even to kids?
    my advice is next time you are going through heathrow stock up on things from boots duty free.

  3. My classic first mistake was asking if there were "preservativi" in the fruit juice...Try "conservanti" you nitwit, not condoms!


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