Friday, April 7

Damon Bradley back in Pos

Today Anto, who is very excitable when it comes to famous people, came tearing into the boutique asking if I had my camera with me. I did, being a responsible blogger. He practically threw me out of the shop with instructions to take photos and find out the name of the 'hollywood actor' eating in a nearby restaurant.
I hate doing things like that. I worked in the tv and film industry for years and have never asked for an autograph or sneakily taken a photo, I considered it highly unprofessional.
But hey, those years are over. So I sneaked up to the restaurant from behind a couple of boats and got a few shots of Billy Zane leaving the restaurant and sitting outside chatting to the owners son.I must admit I walked past a couple of times and couldn't figure out which was the famous person. Someone pointed him out but didn't know his name , so later on I asked a waiter who told me he was 'the one from Titanic.'
Just in case you're wondering, Damon Bradley is a character BZ played in the film 'Only You' which was filmed here some years ago.


  1. I like Billy Zane but ever since I saw him in Dead Calm he gives me the willies!

    enjoy your blog =)

  2. Are his eyebrows still highly tweezed?

  3. oh damon bradley! it was that movie (i saw it with my friend jennifer in the theater)that made me renounce romanric comdies forever. waaaay too unrealistic!

    miss tango--i'm sure his eyebrows are still too tweezed, but he just fits in with the rest of the italian boys...

  4. Well that's cool :)
    While sitting in the airport today P commented that the fastest way for a man to be feminized would be to "pluck his brows"! -not sure why I shared that but hey!?

  5. hey nicky, i'm back. sorry i didn't get to see damon, but it was great to meet skye!


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