Monday, April 17

Jobs I've had-3

DJ, Coats and Cocktails
This is what I call multi-tasking! There is a chameleon location on the beach in Positano. It can be a disco, a restaurant, an internet point, an art gallery and a wine bar. In 1999 it was a nightclub and was very popular in the winter when there was nothing else open in town.

Now, I had never DJ'd before but I have a good idea of what music gets people up and dancing. So,I'd often request songs, and bring music that I'd brought from England with me to lend to the DJ.
Eventually a friend and I were offered the early spot on friday nights. So I got to practise Djing while there weren't many people around to hear my mistakes! After a few weeks I got a whole evening to myself. I was terrified that I wouldn't have enough music, no one would like it, I'd make horrendous mistakes etc etc.
We printed out flyers and even some posters (they spelt my name wrong) and I invited everyone I knew for moral support.

The evening started out slowly so I got some practising in and a couple of drinks to steel my nerves. Then at about 11pm people started arriving. They were mostly friends and a big group of people from the local gym. One gorgeous guy came up to me and requested 'Fly Away' by Lenny Kravitz. That was the first time that Carlo spoke to me.

More and more people trickled in. I got a few strange looks and comments from guys who had presumably never seen a female at the decks before. The dancefloor filled and the people were happy. I finished my set and just started again from the beginning, no one seemed to notice. I could never have got away with it in England, but here music is for enjoying not only critisizing. They were dancing to everything I put on.

I was told to start winding down at about 2.30am but at 3am there were a lot of tipsy friends still swaying around and sitting around. The evening was a success but also nerve-wracking. I did other evenings there while also checking in coats and occasionally serving drinks at the bar.

But all good things come to an end. Babies and nightclubs don't go together, and then the club got shut down. It eventually reopened as a wine bar and art gallery. I have heard that there is music and dancing every now and then but until I find a babysitter willing to work very late on a Saturday night I won't know for sure.


  1. That sounds like fun! I'd love to try djing!

  2. Wow! That must have been fun fun fun!!!

  3. What no over night stays at the grandparents?!

  4. that's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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