Saturday, April 22

Cemetary Assistant
Ok, this is not an official job, but if there is a lot to do in the cemetary I will try and help out. NO, I do not mean lots of funerals!! I mean in preperation for the 1st November, All Saints Day, when everyone visits the cemetary to pay their respects to the dead.

On certain days in October you may find me painting tombs or weeding and planting in the many little gardens there. The scariest thing for me is coming across a worm in the earth. Carlo has tried to freak me out a couple of times by sending me to fetch something from a storeroom, not telling me that there is a skeleton in there! The first time I jumped back in shock but thought to myself 'ok, it is NOT going to get up and start chasing me, it's only a load of old bones.'

In October it can be quite fun working up there. Often Carlo's 4 brothers, father and uncles are helping out, there are 3 or 4 electricians wiring up lightbulbs on crosses and florists all over the place. We all share a picnic lunch outside the cemetary, sitting on the edge of a mountain pathway. On Halloween the mother of one of the electricians cooks us a roast turkey stuffed with ham and mozzerella or home made cannelloni. One of the electricians brings delicious pomegranates and apples from his garden, and somebody else will bring cakes and coffee.

1 comment:

  1. AH! i would have totally freaked out.

    thanks for the weekend in positano offer! even though i couldn't come :(


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