Friday, April 14

la pastiera

Nonna is making la pastiera, the traditional neapolitan Easter cake. Only that Nonna doesn't just make one cake. Nonno has a big family,and everybody gets a cake for Easter.
He is making 17 cakes here on the kitchen table. The pastiera has a sweet pastry base and is filled with ricotta mixed with sugar, grains and sometimes candied orange peel. Everyone follows a different recipe and swears that theirs is the best!
I took this photo the next day. There were 5 cakes in the oven , these waiting to be cooked, the rest outside cooling on the balcony. The smallest cake was tested on anyone who happened to pass by.It got the thumbs up.
Don't tell Nonno but I'd much rather have a chocolate egg for Easter!!


  1. I'll tell you this: Nonno's pastiere are a hell of a lot prettier than mine! *lol* I ended up making two, but only because my tins weren't big enough. It's SO GOOD!!!

  2. i am starting like la pastiera...


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