Sunday, April 30

let me out!

Little madam seems to be very lucky. She got a few more, and then nothing. No fever, no feeling unwell, not much itching (thanks to the calamine lotion), just frustration at not being allowed to go out and play. She seems to have more energy than ever and has a huge appitite.
Today she had 2 slices of toast and a banana for breakfast, then stole my toast too. For lunch she had risotto alla pescatore at the babysitters mums house and ate all the octopus from everyone elses plates! She had yoghurt and an apple at 4pm , then for dinner she wolfed down a cornish pastie that I swear must have been bigger than her stomach. An hour later she wanted a pear. She has eaten more than I have today!


  1. Glad your little one didn't suffer at the hands of the chicken pox! Hope she is back out playing in no time!


  2. I'm glad your little girl is feeling better. :)

  3. i hope she feels better! salutamela :)

  4. Thats my girl - eat it uncle


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