Thursday, April 6

lunch with the stalker

Today we went to Naples again, to try and do the shopping we didn't do last Thursday. As we arrived in town Carlo realised he had left his phone at home. I pulled mine out of my bag and the battery was flat. Great! He had a hissy fit, obviously blaming me for letting him forget his phone and not being responsible enough to keep mine charged. While he muttered away I went in search of a bathroom. I found one where you had to put 20 cents in a slot to open the door which also turned the lights on automatically-for about 15 seconds. So I ended up blindly hovering above a dirty toilet seat in pitch darkness.

Back on the streets Carlo found phone shop that offered a new gadget that you plug into your dead phone to get 60 minutes worth of talk time. I was allowed to quickly call Tracie and decide when and where to meet. Tracie wasn't ready to meet,we chatted a bit and she called me back a few times until I realised that Carlo was about to explode. "I bought that thing so you could call her once, then in case the school need to get in touch, if anything happens to Skye..mutter..mutter..babysitter..mutter...problem...peace of mind..mutter." etc.

So Tracie came and found us and we took her for pizza in a really dirty part of town. I take everyone who comes to Naples because the pizzas are so good. The area is full of beggers, gypsies, drunks and a very small blind man who plays the accordian really badly (so that you pay him to go away, I think).

We then went to a bar in a much nicer area of Naples and had weird coffees:caffe cioccolatata, cafe kinder(as in egg)and caffe caramello. We got hassled by another gypsy with baby who wanted money for milk. "That's her!" exclaimed Tracie, in Italian, "the one I was telling you about before."
"Do you know me?" asked the gypsy
"Yes, you wanted my money yesterday too."Tracie replied angrily. The gypsy baby sneezed. Tracie went all gooey and started talking to the baby. I thats not going to help getting her to go away. In fact, gypsy practically pulled up a chair. We eventually gave her some coins after she promised to go away, then we got told off by the waiter who had stood there watching. "You shouldn't give them money" he said. Well, if you did your job and told her to get out of the cafe we wouldn't have had to give her anything.
They probably work together..


  1. i think if that gypsy would sell those damn gold teeth in her mouth she wouldn't have beg!

    drunks, beggars, homeless=good pizza :)

    oh, and good company, as always.

  2. just imagine if you gave her some money and everyone else did too, how much she ends up at the end of the day... Maybe we should all start doing it at least for a day to see how much we could get!

  3. stop calling her 'the stalker', I'd be most insulted!


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