Friday, April 28


I thought I would have some time at work today to sit at the computer and 'catch up'. But no. The little rash that my daughter got from eating strawberries was a bit worse than yesterday so I put some cream on it and bundled her off to school.

Just outside the classroom I met another mum, "there's less and less every day," she grinned at me.
"Huh? Less what?" I asked.
"Children,"she said with a sigh.
"Where? At the school? Why?" asked ignorant me.
"Chicken pox!" she answered.
Apparently it's all the rage, all the kids have it.

Well nobody told me. I had it when I was four so I am hardly going to remember what it looks like, am I?
"Oh," I said, looking at Skyes spotty face, "I thought she had a reaction to strawberries." Another mum grabbed her and lifted up her shirt. "Yep," she proclaimed, "she's got chickenpox!"
The teacher gave me a 'bad-mother-who-doesn,t-know-when-her-kid-is-ill' look and herded us back out the door.
"Take her home and keep her warm in bed," she advised me.

What we actually did was dash back home, grab a blanket, some games and a Disney dvd and go down to work, where I settled her on the sofa in front of the computer. Unfortunately I have to work, and don't have the option of family nearby to leave the kid with. The only babysitter I have is 17 so is still at school on weekdays.
Someone came in to take over at 1pm, so we went home, had lunch, played, made fairy cakes and read books.

It's a weird situation, not being able to go to work because my daughter is ill. I feel guilty causing problems at work, but I know I will feel worse tomorrow if she feels ill and I have to leave her with the babysitter.
It's all another aspect of motherhood that I hadn,t considered...


  1. I remember the chicken pox. I was 11. you're lucky you dont remember it. it was hell, atleast for me, I had a horrible case. I was outta school for 5 weeks! You should be glad that Skye has it now when she is young. I think it's better that way. And hey, think of it this way, if gives you a great exceuss to take some time off of work and spend with her!

  2. It's better than being allergic to strawberries, THAT would be sad!

  3. Poor baby! I hope she is feeling better soon. The good news is that you can keep munching on strawberries!


  4. waw be careful, i had to go to the hospital when i had mine (around 4,5 as well)

  5. Hope she's feeling better very quickly!


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