Sunday, April 9

palm sunday

"Mummy, the people have got trees in their hands" Skye said as we walked down to the beach this morning. Near Easter time the priest goes around town blessing all the shops and sprinkling holy water. The first year I was here,the priest came into the gallery I was working in and started praying and splashing water around. Well how was I to know that this is a normal procedure? I thought he was a mad man and physically pushed him out of the gallery! The boss was not impressed.Everyone walked around all day with olive branches, some decorated with mini hanging cheeses and chocolate eggs(must mean something)I felt quite naughty walking down to the beach with no olive branch while everyone else was heading for the piazza dragging whole trees behind them.
A nice surprise today was that Tracie and her man, Gennaro came to visit. She didn't let me know until she had already arrived and was heading down to the beach. We met up for coffee and a quick chat...and then they went home! Short but sweet.


  1. i assure you all that i am not mormally so rude as to drop in unannounced! BUT, every now and then we all need a little spontaneity...and nicky was most gracious :)

  2. Being Catholic I love Palm Sunday and this entire Easter season. Great pictures. :)


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