Thursday, April 20

red stripes

Why is it that so many people I know in Italy have bad experiences at the hairdressers? I thought I'd had my fair share of disasters. I have asked for a small trim and watched 8cm of hair fall to the floor. I've frantically tried to stop a scissor happy girl from hacking away while chatting to someone else and have had a hairdresser take offence when I tried to explain what I wanted because he was the 'artist' and didn't need to be told what to do.

But last October I decided to risk getting some highlights put in and they came out beautifully. I was very impressed. I asked them to keep a record of the colours they had used for future reference. "Don't worry, I won't forget!" She said waving me away.
So why is it that today I came out of there with red go-faster stripes zooming down my head? Not strawberry blond. Not honey. Red. With those horrid purple undertones.

And thats not all. While I was having my hair washed one of the assistants walked past and dropped a bottle of dark red nail varnish on the floor...and it smashed...and splashed...all over my 2 week old jeans.
So I had to take my jeans off so they could attempt to clean them, which meant spending over an hour in my green polka dot knickers and grey socks, trying to keep a small towel wrapped around me with my stubbly neglected winter legs on display to everyone.

The bill has been put on hold. Tomorrow I will take my jeans to them so they can send them to the cleaners. I got given a freebie Tigi beachtowel...
It doesn't change the fact that I don't want red stripes in my hair or on my jeans.


  1. I can hear that the Amalfi coast is in desperate need of a good, serious hairdresser - let's say, ME! ;) How on earth can anybody put red highlights in your hair?! Copper blonde, sure - but red?? And that thing about the nail polish made me mad just reading about it. I was scared today that I'd get bleach on my new jeans - but even if I had, I would be the one to blame since I was the one making the highlights (and thus would be the one splashing bleach on my jeans too).

  2. If you don't like the red highlights, make 'em give you what you want! Grrrr! :)

    I hope you get your jeans situation fixed. Why couldn't this have happened when you were wearing something crappy?

  3. poor poor jeans!! but your hair can be fixed...i bet it doesn't even look bad. will they ix it?

  4. wow, are you trying to say that not everything is perfect in positano!????

    ps: were those miss sixty jeans?

  5. I also had a bad experience at the hairdressers. Am really fussy about my hair but the boy's mamma kept nagging to try a hairdresser in Italia soooo I thought ok I'll do it! Chose one in the centre of the city which looked really professional .... five hours later went from light brown with blonde highlights to a yukky red colour (and this was after they had "tried" to fix it) The guy (told me he was toni & guy trained) took 5 minutes to cut it. The whole thing cost me 130 euros. Wore my hair up for 3 weeks - luckily i was going back to UK so got my hairdresser there to sort it best she could (another £100) Needless to say LESSON LEARNED - will never follow mammas advice again!! Hope all worked out for you and they sorted / replaced your jeans.


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