Tuesday, April 4


I knew it! I should have started placing bets, I could have been rich by now. In the last 4 days the internal road of Positano has finally been resurfaced. The road has been dug up and dug up and dug up so many times that there were holes inside holes. Pregnant women risked going into premature labour travelling in a car along that road.
But , of course, the DAY AFTER they made it lovely and smooth, they started digging it up again. IN TWO PLACES!!

Why can they not plan these things better? What is it that is missing from their brains? Or is it that Italians just need bad roads to drive on...badly. Their ancestors the Romans knew how to build roads that lasted, but they certainly forgot to pass on the knowledge, must have been too busy digging up those roads...

1 comment:

  1. it's in the genes...it's the "GATCTESTARDOTTCACG" one.


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