Thursday, April 27

what I saw today

This morning I had to go to the next town along the coast to get some photos of some of the brides I have made up. I caught the bus there and decided to walk back. It was a lovely morning and I like looking at all the villas on the coast road.This is a little model village that someone made on the roadside. There are real goldfish in the water and at Christmas there are lights in all the houses.Aaah!
two sleeping dogs
it's a long way down but it looks inviting!I thought I was nearly there. I was wrong. The road is longer than it looks!


  1. what were you doing traspassing on my villa!!!!

    ;) ehhe right, i wish...

  2. the little village is soooo dolce!

  3. That is it!!!! I am MOVING SOUTH!


  4. not to be a nerd (well that is inevitable unfortunately) but there are actually three dogs in that pic! on is black speckled to the right of the white ones. that's so cute! he's camouflaged.

    btw, I've enjoyed reading your blog...can't wait to get to Italy myself :)

  5. Looks like such a nicer walk than mine on the treadmill this morning!


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