Monday, May 15

can u canoe?

A few years ago we bought two canoes. Canoes are really useful for:

1.avoiding crowded beaches.
2.avoiding lying on hot pebbly beaches.
3.avoiding handing over money to rent a sunlounger on crowded, hot, pebbly beaches.

I carried on canoeing until I was 5 months pregnant when I unelegantly capsized, coming onto shore on a crowded beach, landing on my bum with my legs in the air.
Then baby arrived and at the tender age of 5 months she came canoeing too, yes, with an infant life jacket on!. (Tip: if you have a baby that won't sleep, take it for a ride in a canoe.)

Then on 26th December 2004, the day of the tsunami one canoe was swept away in freak rough seas. About a month later my canoe was stolen from the beach and never seen again. Salvatore the fisherman actually caught it in his nets one day, but it was ruined.

So we have been stranded onshore for over a year...until yesterday. Forget Mothers Day, yesterday was New Canoe Day. Instead of a nice family afternoon on the beach, he abandoned us and drove to Caserta to pick up his new toy which he got for the bargain price of €200.

He will now be spending every moment of spare time paddling around the Med in a big yellow banana. He is such a fanatic that he even canoes to Capri every now and then. Mad. Look there he goes now, past the shop window!


  1. "ALL AMERICAN WEEKEND"?? 100 mile run... i wonder what thats all about.... hehheheee

  2. Looks like fun! We have a canoe, but lack a beach.....
    Sigh, what's a girl to do?


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