Saturday, May 20

Dear Mary Poppins...

A while back I mentioned needing a babysitter. Well, I still haven't found one so am still using babysitter girl. I have told her that I don't want the TV on when they are at home. So she now takes Skye up to her house to watch TV there. Now I understand how Skye already knew the words to 'Bibbety Bobbety Boo', when I first let her watch Cinderella.

Soon it will be the summer holidays and I will need someone for July and August.
I would like to find a girl, 18 or older, who can cook a simple lunch for herself and a 3 year old, and can survive 5 hours without television. I am not looking for an aupair because aupairs have rules like not sharing a bedroom with a child, language lessons paid for, own car etc etc.

Is there a girl somewhere out there, who would like a month or two in an Italian seaside town, with free board and food, in exchange for 5 or 6 hours of babysitting a day? The perks are: 2 days off a week, afternoons free and 5 or 6 evenings free as well. The babysitting would mainly consist of er, going to the beach and building sandcastles, then going home for lunch. Any offers?


  1. I'd really love to, Skye is so cute and nice but I have a child too and it is already too difficult for me ! Sorry

  2. Wish my niece was old enough, but she's got nine years to go!

  3. if I didn't have school all summer long......

  4. I think yours is a great offer and u will have no problems in finding someone. 5/6 evenings, all the afternoons, going to the beach with your child........sounds intereting. Who would give u thse perks?
    Come on girls!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey bella!!!
    Well I dunno if I ve 2 write in english or in italian.. english ok.. hm.. I ve found ur blog some days ago.. really intresting.. =)
    U know I grew up in Nocelle.. at the moment I live in Germany, but about 2 months I ll be n Positano.. Hmm.. but what I wanted 2 say: U're EXCITING !! I mean.. my whole life (15 years) I wanted 2 do that what u HAVE done!!! .. ti adoro ;) It's SO great that I can't even believe it!!!!
    Do u have MSN or ICQ? Wanna chat with u.. well.. MB!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Natasha, You've got Carlo really curious now! Who are you!! I've got msn but hardly ever use it and wouldn't know how to contact you! Send me your msn address and I'll try!

  7. Hang god are you serious? I plonk B Girl down in front of BBC world for a good hour or so a day! Oh no I feel like a terrible mother now!

  8. I will take the job! Well I guess I MIGHT live a little to far away. Darn it, it sounds like a great offer.

    Good luck with your search and keep your eyes peeled towards the sky. You never know when the perfect woman will come sailing down from the clouds with an umbrella!


  9. If only I didn't have the millstones* round my neck already (husband and 3 boys) I'd jump at the chance!

    *Naturally that's a joke. I do love my millstones dearly!

  10. Er, Yael, Annika- I mean that she watches enough tv with me, she doesn't need to see it with the babysitter too!!

  11. Rebecca Elizabeth EvansDecember 12, 2006 at 1:05 AM

    Ha ha I should have posted my other comment about babysitting in this part ha ha but i've only just reached this bit of your blog because I'm reading from the oldest to the newest! :-D But as I said before, this blog was a long time ago and you probably have a babysitter that you are happy with now. I'm 22 in March by the way... maybe you don't need a sitter anymore but just leaving this post for future reference incase the situation comes up again ha ha!


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