Wednesday, May 24

Don't you think...

that if you went to the trouble of writing a whole book based in Amalfi, and actually got it published, that you would put a picture of Amalfi on the front cover and not Positano?


  1. oh my! your leggings? What a man!

    I think my dad shrunk every wool sweater I ever bought!

  2. I noticed that too, about the book. Have you read it? Uh... let's just say that it's not even remotely reality-based. I had just read Annie Hawes' Journey to the South (brilliant) and Phil Doran's The Reluctant Tuscan (fantastic) and expected something like that but in Amalfi - but oooh no. Nothing like that. Huge disappointment!

  3. Hiii, it's me Natasha,
    sry but I couldnt connect me in these last days, my MSN addy :

    I m waitiiiin' patientlyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  4. Have a brilliant time!kvgpo

  5. Your father sounds like my mother...I call her the ironing queen.

    Have a great time in London! :)

  6. To a novelist: her brother is the queen....father is just the master of ironing! very good at it to...I couldn't go to work otherwise! i moved out of home 2 months ago and still get him to iron my work shirts for me - they look sooo good!! We are a very lucky family! Love Dan xx


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