Saturday, May 27

on the farm today

I am officially declaring this week in England as 'Childhood Revival Week', and I would like to keep up the tradition every year. Today I had a bad hair moment, but it was on a huge inflataable bouncy pillow, so that was OK.
Wewent to a farm to see all the animals, but then we walked out back and saw the play area, which was way more fun than feeding greedy goats and llammas!
We bounced around for a good half hour until Skyes forehead (on a down bounce) came into contact with Carlo's foot(on an up bounce). Luckily she's a tough cookie and didn't fuss for long. She's got a cracking bruise though.
We then moved on to the indoor soft play area. At this point Skye became a bit manic, having lived most of her life in a small town in South Italy where there is a distinct lack of soft play areas. She was quite scary actually, a bit like me when I have my yearly shopping for me day in London (so much to do, see, try, buy, where to go first, panic panic) "Get my wellie boots off my feet NOW!!" Shreiked our monster child, so desperate to play she was.


  1. oh! That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! Btw, big hair is hot right now! ;)

  2. Love that Carlos with the llama photo!!! Hope you're having a wonderful time back home.

  3. You look as if you're having a great time during your visit. Enjoy your time home! :)


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