Wednesday, May 3

once she was sweet and clean

It was a lovely sunny day so I went for a walk on the beach, then went to pick Skye up from the bus stop in the main piazza. The plan was to take her back down to the beach, so that I could sit on the pier, while my daughter played nearby.

But my daughter did not get off the bus. A snot encrusted mini monster had taken her place. It had a black crusty nose with skid marks running up each cheek, tomato sauce lipstick had been applied way outside the lipline. This creature was wearing a long sleeved purple tee-shirt, except the sleeves had been used instead of tissues for the last 7 hours and were practically stiff with snot.
I picked the monster up under its arms (probably the cleanest part), plonked it on a bench and whipped a packet of wet wipes out of my bag. But as soon as I started wiping away the goo the monster started screaming. Really screaming, not mummy-that-hurts-screaming but I-think-she's-trying-to-kill-me screeching. In the middle of a crowded piazza. I tried to stop her, I sat her down, I told her we were going to play on the beach just as soon as she stopped shrieking. So she decided to show me who's boss and shriek some more. I could see she wasn't going to stop so I dragged her home. Crying all the way. Up the road , past all the shops, past a busload of tourists disembarking outside the condo. I tried saying “stop crying now, there's no need,” she shrieked back “nooooo!! Waaahh!”
So we got home and I told her to go to her room until she had calmed down. “Noooooo!”.
“Er, yes, bye!” I said pushing her in and closing the door. She roared for another couple of minutes and then all was still. Too still. I went to check on her. She was lying on the floor, happily playing with her cloth (blankie- but it's called cloth)as if nothing had happened
Today after work I am going to pick up my daughter from school and (attempt to) go to the beach.


  1. Oh my she was/is so adorable, that is a great photo Nicki.

  2. Remind me again why I chose not to have kids :)

  3. even then, she looked like carlo! how cuuuuuute :)

    except for the yelling part.

  4. What an adorable little face! The look appears to so innocent but wait until the teen years. You will have to remember this look. It is all worth it.
    Tracie's mom

  5. She is a doll, you are lucky she got the pox early, I had it when I was 13 and it was horrible. I hope she did not get too many of them and she recovers 100 percent.


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