Thursday, May 11


Today we went to see the ruins of Herculaneum. The sun was shining when we left home and it is shining now that we are back. But of course the minute we set foot in the archealogical site it started raining and didn't stop until we were home.We went to a nearby market to buy an umbrella...But it stopped raining for a bit so we didn't bother. So we went and saw the ruins...
And of course it started raining again...
So we took shelter in somebodys house, but there seemed to be a rather large hole in the roof, and the place hadn't been decorated for what looked like two thousand years...
So we decided to go home. The problem was we had gone by bike. obviously on the hour long ride home the rain was torrential. And of course he was fine because he has a water resistant suit to keep him nice and dry...
I did not. I arrived home drenched. My jeans were stuck to my legs and flapped around on the journey like wet sails. The first 10 minutes of the journey home were fun. I found it highly amusing that I could actually drink the raindrops due to the speed we were going and the heaviness of the rain. But soon I wasn't thirsty anymore, just cold and wet and trembling like a road drill. How I enjoyed my hot bath and mug of hot tea afterwards!


  1. The world is upside-down. It is warmer here than in Posi - it's sunny here and not there... strange. But since I am here and not there, I am not complaining at the moment!

  2. That does not sound like a fun day trip. BTW, do you plan to cheer for England or Italia during the World Cup? If it's the UK, now that should make for some fun..;)

  3. We've had soooo much rain lately and it's not really warming up yet :(

    That place looks fabulous even in the rain!

  4. as i looked out of the window today, gennaro's dad said, "what month is it?" i was suprised when maggio came out of my mouth. it was COLD. AH!

    i say BASTA--bring on the warmth :)

  5. It is amazing what we go through just to enjoy the simple things of life like a hot bath and cup of tea! Enjoy your blog. Tracie's mom.

  6. It is amazing what we go through just to enjoy the simple things of life like a hot bath and cup of tea! Enjoy your blog. Tracie's mom.

  7. Sounds like a great day.Once in awhile its actually invogorating riding your bikes in the rain.I'm writing again from California.It has been very warm and sunny,FINALLY.We had rain for about three stinkin months.Oh well.
    Sounds like everybones ready for Summer.........

  8. Okay, I just have to correct my previous comment.Everyones ready for Summer.What a crack up! I guess that was my combo of everyones and everybody.Time for a nap...

  9. amazing...terrific for me reading about positano through an english girl's tales.. i'm from positano, i know you niki and probably you know me even if we have never had a friendship. Well, i have been living in london nearly 6 months. i moved here to improve my english and meet new people, do a new experience. i was fed up with positano but i miss it, i miss the food, i miss the mountains and the see and the sunset. Probably i have understood why loads of english people loves italy. Sometimes i talk about italy with the customers in the restaurant where i'm working in sloan square....actually in london there are lots of opportunity, but the lifestyle is too fast :) i really enjoy your blog, keep on writing...


  10. Of course today, the day I leave is going to be gorgeous. Oh well c'est la vie. Is there an Italian verson of that saying?

    gotta go pack :(

  11. i think they would use "che vuoi fare" in the same sense...right nicky?

  12. I have always wanted to go to Herculaneum. After spending 7 hours at Pompeii, we ran out of time (yes, 7 hours and we only left because they were closing...yes, we are nerds)!

    Hope you warmed up after you bike ride!



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