Wednesday, May 31

sand cliffs

This is where my Dad used to take me to play when I was little. You have to go to the river running through the bottom of Guildford. Cross over the bridge and walk along the riverbank, past the weeping gillows on the edge of the flood plains. You go past fields of grazing cows and horses and a magical fairy bridge with a bubbling brook running under it, and then in front of you appears... The sand cliffs, a jagged hill of bright yellow sand, slap bang in the middle of the lush green countryside! You can't resist climbing up the slope to see how high it goes and what's at the top, so you climb and slip and stumble and laugh while the sand stains your hands and clothes and gets into your shoes...
It's higher than you thought and the last bit of climbing is really slippery, but you look back and see the view of the countryside spread out below you, with the river glinting in the sunshine. So you huff and puff and reach the top where incredibly , like in a fairy tale, you see...
an old church crumbled into ruins. People say it is haunted and if you go there at night you may see the ghost of a lady wandering around. When I was younger it wasn't fenced off so we would sit and eat our picnic lunch inside the church walls, then tumble back down the sandy hill and paddle in the river.


  1. guilford! Well I've been a thousand times in guilford but never know about the existence of this place!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Nicki its nicky, simons other half! I cant believe u all went to st.catherines hill, its 2 mins from my flat! the sand hill is notorious for yellow stains on all clothing! And yes it is indeed haunted plus also has an unexploded bomb deep in the water at the bottom of the hill from the war apparently! Hope u got bak safely, was good seeing u take care and see u soon! x


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