Monday, May 22

things I that eat that locals dont

  • marmite and philedelphia on toast
  • brie and jam on bread
  • tea with milk
  • juice with a meal
  • hot desserts eg apple crumble and custard
  • chocolate and cheese
  • banana and nutella sandwiches
  • meat with fruit (turkey & cranberry, pork & apple)
  • salad without salt or oil

And here's some photos I took the other day, while waiting for the bride.


  1. Love the top photo. And you appear to have a fantastic place from the looks of the 3rd picture. Lucky you, dammit. ;) (what gives with the brie & jam?????)

  2. Hang on! I took these photos in a hotel garden, not at home! Brie and strawberry jam on crusty fresh bread-yum!

  3. LOL - well, you seem like a hard worker, so I hope you & family get to live in a similar place some day soon! Cheers/Salute!

    (more fun: the online translator came up with "Evviva" for "Cheers" - Hurray team Niki! :)

  4. Cheese and jam is a great combo!
    Do they have quince paste there? Membrillo in spanish, Marmelada in portugese. This is fantastic with almost any cheese!

  5. One thing I ate that shocked the locals (in Florence), hot tea and dinner.

    Wish I could apply to the babysitting job but I'll be in Florence this summer!

    -Big fan of your site in California! :)

  6. Oh I want to to to Positano! It looks beautiful! Love the pics!


  7. god I'm starving now! brie and jam is absolutely yummy!

  8. My daughter and I were reading about your need for a sitter.She was right on that."Oh please,Can I go? "Except we are in California :(
    She sits for one of my friends kids.They adore her.As you can tell
    like most moms gotta do a little bragging.G-luck


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