Tuesday, May 9


Yesterday, while passing through Positano in the car a tourist group was hovering around in the road near the bar. We slowed down but the tourist guide stepped further out in the road right in front of us. Carlo slammed on the breaks and the car stalled. The tourist guide looked at us, turned to his group and said in English,"Don't worry, they are just stupid tourists who don't know how to drive."

Obviously I wasn't going to let that one go in silence. I stuck my head out the window and told him "I think you'll find that WE are residents here, and YOU are the stupid tourists who don't know where to walk!" And off we went leaving the stupid man ranting at the top of his voice in German!

Once in Sorrento I had vague hopes of doing some window shopping, but no. We sat on a park bench in the sun while Skye played in the playground and her brother played in a football match. It was free, more relaxing and more satisfying than looking in shops at things I can't afford. Aaah, the simple things in life.. sitting on a park bench...shouting at pesky tourists...


  1. well done mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Come on- you can't keep leaving me comments saying-well done mate!!!!!!-without telling me who you are!

  3. Yelling is such good therapy!

  4. niki I have no problems in telling you my name (Claudia) but I do not think this name can suggest you who I am since we've never spoken! Anyway I promise that next time I'll see yu on the pier with lara and skye I'll tell you "Hi nicky it's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  5. PS: forgot to tell you taht you're right I cannot go on telling u "well done MATE".......hope this word "mate" does not bother you!
    Love, claudia


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