Saturday, May 13

weird tourist

Today while sitting in the cabin on the pier with Laras mum (they do boat trips), a man walked up to us . This is the conversation they had, Imagine it being played out rapidly , like a table tennis match:

Man: What are you doing here?
Val: Er, selling boat trips.
Man: Selling what?
Val: BOAT trips.
Man: Well, where are the boats?
Val: Er,out on trips.
Man: Why is your English so good?
Val: Because I am English.
Man: And you live in Italy?
Val: Yes.
Man: For how long?
Val: Many years.
Man: You like it here?
Val: Yes, that's why I'm still here.
Man: You know , I studied American history at school because I am 100 percent American, but now I wish I had studied world history because you guys sure have a lot of history here in Italy.
Val: Er, yes, we do.
Man: Wasn't the Italian Empire like taken over or something?
Val: Yes, more than once.
Man: Who by?
Val: Well, there were the Greeks and the...
Man: Did they actually fight?
Val: Er, yes of course..
Man: What happened to the Emperor?
Val: What do you mean?
Man: Well, did he die?
Val: Um, of course he did at some point, everyone dies.
Man: I'm going to Rome next, I hear there's lots of history there?
Val: Yes, there are lots of things to see in Rome, the Colosseum..
Man: Oh, yeah, I heard of that.

The conversation continued...All I can say is respect to Val, she sure has a lot of patience!


  1. wow. what a shmuck! the tourist i mean of course. he's "heard of" the colosseum. he's making us yankees look bad! i don't think it's b/c he studies american history either...i think we lack world history education for lower schools and prioritizing staying informed about affairs of the world. Okay I am getting way too political...god bless your friend for putting up with that!

  2. rome? uh, yeah, i hearda that...

  3. I don't even know what to say. A basic guide book could have answered all his questions.

    In my public high school we did cover world history, so not sure what's up with homeslice.


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