Monday, May 1

white girl

It's getting warmer. Summer is slowly creeping up on us. People are starting to cast aside their long trousers and long sleeves in favour of shorts, skirts and tank tops. This is the time of year I dread. Being Englishly pale skinned and living in south Italy, the idea of having to bear my brighter than white legs and arms to the world fills me with dread. Especially when I have to go around with my family. Carlo is so dark skinned that when we went to Egypt he was often mistaken for a local and Skye has inherited his skin tone. So next to them two I positively glow with whiteness. Even after 3 months on the beach the locals tease me and call me 'mozzerella'.

So, in preperation for possible leg exposure in the next few days I have taken advice from English glamour model Jordan. She says,"You should never be afraid you're putting on too much (fake tan). I really pile it on-it looks like I'm coming out of a mudbath. But when I shower it off in the morning it goes even." If it works for her...

Ok- so I have just completely covered myself in huge amounts of St Tropez. Skye thought it was chocolate and wanted to lick my legs. Tomorrow morning I will be a bronzed goddess.
Or a stripey nightmare.


  1. hi!
    why don't you use body lotion that has a little bit of self-tanner in (for example johnson&johnson holiday skin), so you can use it every day and gradually build up a tan? it works quite well and is not as obvious ;)
    it might not be a big hit in italy, but you could get someone in england to send it out to you.
    btw i have been reading your blog for a while - i really enjoy it, and i have chuckled at some of your hilarious anecdotes!

  2. Always exfoliate before hand in the shower. If you don't have a premade scrub, make one with table salt and olive oil. Scrub then wash as usual.
    Put some regular lotion on your knees,elbows, tops of feet. Apply selftan. And either run around the house naked or wear loose clothing.
    Good Luck!

  3. uhm well eh of course it's up to you, but I'm not sure I would take beauty advice from Jordan.. ;)
    I got a spray tan bottle once and found that easier than a lotion, but it's still a huge risk - one time the result is fine, the next I look like I have vitiligo. I think I prefer being white...

  4. barbara, I've been trying to get some of that for a while now, I'll have to wait till I go to the UK.
    tango girl, i know!!Been doing it for years, only last night I used more than normal!
    Annika, I owed one to Jordan! (worked with her once-long story)

  5. You can get "Holiday skin" in Bologna! Maybe it's slowly making its way south...

  6. mum has 'Holiday Tan' waiting, and as Nicki is visiting England very soon, I'm not posting it - it's heavy!

  7. you'll have to let us know how it goes! I'm starting to feel your same pain as it's warming up here -- although the italians are still in coats, I'm wanting my tanks and skirts! but I've got the same problem as you, pasty white! after a month on the beach i can get a tan, which is great for me, but still white in comparision to the italians...

  8. ...waiting to hear about the results...very curious...

  9. oouuh i'd be careful about putting on too much at once - that's how you get streaks. i find that if you reapply often thats when you get dark and evenly.

    and try those new MICRO-sprayers they're the best!

  10. did it workdiditworkdiditwork??!!


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