Wednesday, May 3

white with a hint of...

Well...I think I need to repeat the process again. It worked, I didn't go streaky but I still look white with a hint of colour!Tomorrow I might actually go and sit on the beach for a while!

I'm writing this from work, last week the telecom men came and set up broadband. It worked for 2 days and then stopped. Then the phone stopped working too for a day! It seems to be all up and running, so I can start catching up on everyone.


  1. I know...I dread baring my skin. I am white as a ghost. However, when I use self-tanner I can never seem to get it looking "normal." You did a fine job though. Very natural. :)

  2. Err can I have your job Nicki? Ah I remember when I had an office job getting paid to surf the internet...those were the days

  3. well you havent managed to catch up with me yet - little brother.....i know i know ive been out loads but call me. im off to washington tomorow - friday and back sunday so maybe sunday night for a chat....text me and ill plug the phone in and get off the you loads xx

  4. Well you've convinced me!
    (off to find some self tanner today!)


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