Monday, June 26

abandoned dogs

Come to Positano and abandon your dog...

This is NOT written anywhere around town, but it might as well be plastered all over the billboards. People do actually come here and leave their unwanted dogs behind. Often on the beach, where chances are the dog will get fed scraps from the restaurants or adopted by someone. I have seen people drive up the mountain, stop, throw their dog out of the car and drive away, leaving the poor dog running frantically after the disappearing car.I am not a dog person but seeing that brought a tear to my eye.

Over the years there have been so many abandoned dogs, some that have found new homes as far away as Florence and one lucky dog who was shipped to the USA. Some dogs have become beach bums, and just fit in with local life, some have become part of the town itself. There was a huge scooby doo style dog called Bobby, there was a great smelly matted thing called Bollas, scruffy little Black and more.

There are not many families here without dogs, cats or both, but sadly not everyone seems to know how to treat their pets. Many dogs are left tied up out on the terrace, all the time. They hardly ever get taken out for walks and get beaten if they bark.
Last summer a family renting an apartment near mine kept their dog tied to the balcony railing with such a short rope that the dog couldn't put its front paws flat on the floor. It cried and whimpered all night, but the family was oblivious to its misery. Someone else bought a sweet puppy, but when it grew up he left it out on the terrace all night, winter and summer, where it barked non stop, annoying a lot of neighbours. I often hear a man beating his tied up dog with a stick, just because it barked.

Why do these people have dogs? If you can't take the responsibility, don't get a dog. A dog depends on its owner for love and affection as well as food. Like a child. You wouldn't tie your child up on the balcony all day would you?.

And if they can't handle their dog anymore, why not find it a new home? Take it to some kennels? How do these people feel when they get back home, after abandoning their pet? Relief? A sense of freedom? Perhaps, probably...The dogs, though, mope around sadly for days. This little guy has been keeping me company in the shop for a few days. He's limping and has a wound above his tail. Anyone want him?


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't even read your entire post, it brings tears to my eyes. I am such a dog lover, and the thought of any dog being mistreated infuriates me.

    If I could take them all, I would!

    Please do me a favor and give those poor pups some food and water, and please pet them for me!

  2. oh I'd love to take him...but unfortunately I'm across the big lake. what a gem to give him a little vacation while he's injured :)

  3. Cant' read your post without feeling bad.
    I'm a dog/cat/animal person and strongly believe that animals are better than human beings. Should have been an animal in my past life...............and wish to be an animal (in my family !) in my future one !!!!!
    Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention again, (it's never enought )and hope Mr. 5 reads this post maybe a good subject for him to write of.

  4. I hate these b******s that abandon dogs. I also hate beggars on the street with dogs. If they can't support themselves how the hell do they feed their dogs? I used to be sucked right in and give these folks money. These kind of stories make me so so angry. Are there subsidised vets in italy - you know the ones where the govt pays for the treatment (for the folks who can't afford treatment) - sure there is in the UK but prob. not here....if there is maybe you could take your shop visitor along to get checked out?

  5. That is really sad. I just don't understand why people would attempt to own an animal, if they are only going to neglect it. :(

  6. There is a place where you can get shots and sterilize stray dogs, but it is quite a long way away. A few of my friends here have recently adopted some dogs. They get fed and watered often though, that is nothing to worry about!

  7. that's insane that people would do that. i am very much a animal lover especially of dogs here in the US and hate it when people do senseless and mindless things like that. how awful! thats so cute how the pup stays around the shop...guess he enjoys any company he can get. i'd take him if i lived anywhere near there. ( :


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