Friday, June 30


1.Air conditioning is highly dangerous for babies and small children.
2.Potato salad can't be eaten the day after.
3.From November -April school children should not play outside.
4.English people can't cook.
5.Nivea cream protects against the sun.
6.The car in front must be overtaken.
7.Pushing in front of someone queueing is perfectly acceptable.
8.You mustn't go out if it is raining.
9.Women can't waitress or work in bars.
10.Midnight is a normal bedtime for children under 5

Changeing the subject:
A weird woman just came into the shop. She stopped in front of me, looked me up and down and seemed to be waiting for me to say something. I stayed silent and she turned away to look at the bags. I turned back to what I was doing but suddenly she whirled back round, “You don't have to worry, I won't touch anything.”she reassured me, even though I had not yet spoken. Then, looking closer at me she said, “aah, but you don't understand me, you are a foreigner aren't you. You're..not..Italian?”
So I replied (in Italian, of course), “Do you really think that I would be running an Italian store in Italy if I didn't speak Italian?”
And she walked out.



  1. These "rules" are priceless. :)

    Not sure about that tattoo. He might regret it when he gets older and it looks bananas.

  2. Italians say to me, you English, your food is shit and it always rain there right?? Yeah I say, but at least we know how to queue and cutomer service exists in my country!!!

  3. If you work in an Italian store you have to look very bored and very 'not interested'. The customers are there for you, not the other way around!

  4. Dear Teddy Bear,

    Just like The Rules are not for all Italians, my comment is not about all shop holders and proud shop assistants, but in the area where I live and I do my shopping (Napoli & Pozzuoli) it is like that (except for the minority of proud shop holders and their assistants working in that area)

  5. It can depend on the type of customers too!! Don't let me get into that..I wrote about it once and got a load of abuse, so I deleted the whole thing, scaredy cat that I am!
    Btw, Teddy bear, love your answer!

  6. Love the "rules"! Although I don't agree with #1, I much prefer fresh air to air conditioning! Of course, I live in a place with virtually no humidity...

  7. Hi, love the list. I'm an Aussie living in Naples, writing and teaching from Sept. If you ever come through the big smoke let me know by replying thru the blog link. Maybe we could compare notes.


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