Saturday, June 17

Dan's tales

Here I was wondering what to write about today, still not being able to upload photos, when I got home to find my brother (flight attendant) had emailed me another of his 'experiences'! So, for today I leave you in his capable hands....(Charlie signing off!)

I (Dan) was flying back from the States one day...and as usual we had been finishing off our security checks prior to the passengers boarding. This involves checking the crew rest area, which on this particular plane is in the middle, down below. There is a door half way down the aisle that you see crew walk through in the middle of the night - lovely little room with loads of beds for us to sleep in! The basic check is that it is empty and that various alarms and things work.

Anyhow...the passengers started boarding and we all stood in the usual positions around the aircraft. My colleague, Clare hadn't quite completed all her checks and still had the crew rest area to do, so she carried on whilst people boarded the plane.

As she went through the door down to check the crew rest area, she saw a woman sitting on the bunk at the bottom of the stairs. Now passangers are obviously not allowed in here - plus they wouldnt know where the key was kept to unlock the door. She went down the stairs and said to the woman that she needed to get back upstairs to her seat as she wasn't allowed to be down there. The woman looked really, really pale and was obviously not very well. She said to Clare that she felt too ill to climb back up the stairs - she just wanted to lie down.

Clare explained to her that she was not allowed to be down there and short of calling security she needed to get back up the stairs to her seat. The woman, sounding really weak and faint by this point said to Clare that her husband was sitting in a chair just at the top of the stairs and could Clare get him to come and help her back to her seat.

Well, Clare realising this lady was not doing too well at all...went to the top of the stairs (passengers still boarding ) and found one man sitting near the door by himself with an empty chair next to him. Clare went up to him and said, "excuse me....but I think your wife is sitting downstairs where she shouldn't be - but she's not looking very well, could you come and help me bring her back up and we can arrange for some medics to come and have a look at her." The man turned round to Clare, mouth wide open and stared at her in silence...eventually he
snapped at Clare, "are you joking.....who do you think you are to come and say these things to me?"

Clare didn't really know what was going on and just said that his wife was ill..and she couldn't stay down there, and again asked if he could please help and get her up the stairs. The man turned round and said to Clare that whoever had set this little joke up was sick......his wife had died 3 days beforehand and we (the airline) were carrying her body in a coffin in the cargo hold.

Clare managed to describe what the woman was wearing , and the man confirmed that Clare had described the clothes that the lady would be buried in. Now, the most important thing is that crew do not know what is in the cargo hold, for security reasons. Clare had no way of knowing there was a coffin in there.

Goose bumps on your arms...yeah,me too!
None of us had a nap during that flight!


  1. That's freaky, so she was quite solid looking then? Not translucent?

  2. she was translucent but I edited out that bit because I thought it gave the ending away! sorry!


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