Friday, June 2

hungry in Pos

Back in the mediterranean, where it should be hot and sunny in June, it is raining*...and thundering, with lightning thrown in for effect. As our plane (not actually ours, just the one we were travelling on) came into land at Naples we watched the lightning strike from above as we flew through big black clouds. It rained all the way home, and is still raining today.
I swear that the weather in England, if slightly fresher, is much better than here most of the time. It is always frigging raining here!

It turns out that we didn't plan coming back very well. We arrived home at midnight, lugged the bags and sleeping child up the 160 steps (in the rain) and realised that we had no food. So we didn't eat anything and went to bed, thinking that we'd do the shopping the next day after work.

Today is the next day, it is a public holiday (again) and that means no school. So I dragged the poor child to work with me (again). I am now home. And have just realised that public holidays mean the food shops are closed. Which means we still have no food.
So for dinner tonight we could have:

7 lemons and some custard.
Weetabix with no milk.
My small stash of Cadburys chocolate.
A tin of catfood each.
1 fishfinger between 3 of us with lots of frozen peas.



  1. Mmm mmmmm! If you had another third of a fishfinger, I'd be tempted to join your for fish fingers and copious peas!

  2. you've also got tuna steaks and ribeye steak from good old England! And yes, you are forgetting your English grammer! And I miss you all v. much! xx

  3. how did your dinner go?


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