Friday, June 9

I only wanted a cup of tea!

My brother is a flight attendant which is nice for me, because I get the family discounts. He often has us laughing or gripping our seats in horror as he recounts his adventures. He has been in a haunted plane, a upside down falling plane, has encountered severe turbulance and 42 ambulances waiting on the runway, and more. I have persuaded him to try and write down some of his stories, before he forgets them.

Here, to start off with is his "I only wanted a cup of tea" story:

This happened when I still wasn’t used to the jet lag and everything as I had only be flying for 3 weeks...
We landed into New York at midnight one by the time I got to the hotel it was half past 1 in the morning, US time. I undressed, and fell onto the bed totally exhausted, but around 3am I woke up needing the loo! Having been on a plane for the best part of 9 hours I hadn’t drunk enough water, so thought I’d make myself a cup of tea using my new travel kettle! I filled it up, connected all the plugs and converters together and plugged it into the wall , er, in the bathroom! Off I popped back to my bed and put the TV on. This kettle was one of those that has to be plugged in to boil and unplugged to stop boiling, no on7off switch.

Unfortunately, but predictably if you know me, I fell be woken up with water being sprayed all over me and the room, from the sprinklers, and fire alarms going off! Startled, I looked around to see smoke pouring out my bathrooom! Up I jumped and ran out my hotel room to see what was going on. And of course the door slammed shut behind me, leaving me stranded in the hotel corridor in my bright red underpants! A pretty sight I can asure you!
Within minutes I was greeted by 8 New York Firemen (like something out of ET) standing over me asking me if it was my room, and to start evacuatiung out of the hotel!

So, there was me on the 28th floor of the hotel in November in New York, running down the escape stairs (on the outside of the hotel - about minus 6 degrees) in my red underpants! Five floors of the hotel were evacuated, so lots of people got a good look at me. When I eventually got down the stairs to the front of the hotel , a lovely flight attendant that I knew, saw me in my pants (who didn’t?) ,took pity on me and gave me her nice long red Virgin coat! There are, about 100 crew members staying in this hotel at any one time, and most of them were staying on the floors that were evacuated.

After a while there was a loud announcement asking who was in room 2812. Forward I walked, wearing red underpants and a girls long red winter coat, too tight on me to button up, to be appluaded and booed by a crowd of co-workers and hotel guests. “ I only wanted to make a cup of tea!” I said. Obviously, having had over 150 people woken and made to leave their room at nearly 4am is not a popular thing to do!
Little did I know that in all their rooms the water sprinklers had been activated too ! Whoops!I was given a slapped wrist andtold to use the coffee machine in future. They let back into my room - an hour later! I went shopping in wet clothes the next day...I went to work in wet shoes...and spent my days off back in the UK with a stinking cold! I have not used a travel kettle since!


  1. What a crazy story! It made me laugh out loud. Did everyone from work forgive you? Do you still hear about it today?

    Glad to hear that everyone was ok, if only a bit red in face as well as the underpants! heheehe

  2. Well luckily I have not had the pleasure of wokring with any of those peopled - or if I have they certainly haven't said anything. The flight home was very lonely and quiet for me though!


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