Tuesday, June 6

a normal day

Apart from spotting Cliff Richard hanging around the pier, not much happened. Oh, I did lose my daughter very briefly... We had stopped off to see a new English friend, who works in a art gallery based the courtyard of a small hotel. While we were gassing away, Skye went off exploring, around the courtyard, into reception and up and down the staircase in the hotel. About 2 minutes passed and I realised I couldn't hear her anymore. I went into the hotel and called her. I could hear her voice very faintly, but happily replying “I'm here mummy!”

The hotel may be small but has about 100 million staircases inside. I dashed up and down calling her, trying to figure out where she was. I got to a landing where the stairs split in two, and called her. She was close but every time I went up either staircase her voice faded away. I returned to the landing. The door to room 21 was there. I called her, she answered...from inside the room.

“Skye, what are you doing in there? Open the door, come out!” I called.
“No, it's fun here!”
I dashed back down to the girl on reception. “ Er, my daughter seems to be inside room 21” I told her.
“What? Impossible!”, she said, jumping up and running to the room with me. She then very sensibly did what I had not thought of doing and knocked on the door.

“Hello!” replied Skye, without opening the door. We knocked louder and the door opened by a sleepy man.

“What is this girl doing in my room?” he asked bewildered. It turned out that he had left his door open, and gone to sit on his balcony in the sun. Skye had wandered in and the wind had shut the door behind her. The man was dozing in the sun completely unaware that there was a little visitor in his room.
I know my mum will have a complete fit when she reads this, sorry mum.

What else happened yesterday? Oh yes, I got a phonecall from my boss who has buggered off to Ibiza for a holiday. Obviously, before he went, he forgot to pay me for May, so yesterday his mother gave me my money. Before I even had time to wonder if I could put some aside in my holiday fund, he called from Ibiza. He was very clever and remembered to take his wallet and credit card with him, but forgot to memorise his PIN number, thus rendering credit card useless.

He asked me if I had been payed in cash -yes- and would I mind too much if I could do him a huge favour and wire him my paycheck(!) straight away because he had no money. Obviously I couldn't leave him moneyless in Ibiza so I will send it to him...at some point..
I am secure in the fact that I will get my money back from him because if he doesn't ever come back from Ibiza (quite possible) I will simply take it out of the till.

And that is what happened yesterday.


  1. If you EVER lose my grandaughter, you needn't come home!!!!

  2. ok, maybe this was a temp error since now it seems to work properly!

  3. I know...lately I haven't really been "writing" on my blog etiher...but you've just inspired me to. :)

  4. I'm glad you found your daughter. Your boss is too funny. He forgets to pay you then asks you to send him money?! hilarious.

  5. Glad you found your daughter! It's kind of amusing but kind of scary too! I'm glad it was just an innocent case of wandering into a room though!


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