Monday, June 5

Paparazzi moment no. 2

Today I spotted the god of cheesy Christmas tunes, Cliff Richards, hanging around on the pier. He must have seen me last week as I cycled past his house in Weybridge while on my bike ride, he probably decided to get one better on me and sail past my house on his yacht!
And check out the woman with the pink hair!!



    I LOVE HIM.. haha.. well, Leo was quiet better in "Titanic".. but BILLY.. wuuhuuu.. !!! He's to rest in Positano since I'll come.. and there are still 30 days... I LOVE BILLY, I LOVE POSITANO.. I LOVE PAOLO..............


    greeezz, Nathy!


  2. I use blogger's very simple.

    Just type the words you'd like to link to the page/blog entry, such as Billy Zane. Highlight them with your mousey. At the top of the text box, there are buttons for bold, italics, and then one that has the earth with a chain link over it. Click that button, then just insert the web address for the page you want it to bring us to, such as:

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  3. Cliff Richards, has he done anything since the 80's?
    Sounds like he invested his money well, having a yacht and all.


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