Friday, June 23

playing amongst the Pucci

My quest for a babysitter has been fruitless. I nearly got one who seemed too good to be true, and she was...she backed out last minute! So I am forced to continue with Babysitter Girl, who in the last 10 days has cancelled at the last minute 3 times. She should give up babsitting altogether and write a book on making up excuses.

School hasn't officially finished here yet but day by day there are less children going. In fact, this last week the only children going to school have been Skye and two others with expat mums. Um, am I missing something here? What are the other kids doing? Am I the only mum that has to work and appreciates somewhere where I can leave my daughter for free?

On Wednesday we arrived at the school to find a grand total of NO children and two teachers, who advised me they would be very busy over the next week. So even though the school closes on the 28th, it would be better not to go anymore. Rather than leave Skye rattling around in an empty classroom with teachers that are too busy to teach, I took her to work with me. Again. I called Babysitter Girl, who obviously didn't feel like working because she wouldn't even answer the phone. I saw her later and asked if she could work on Friday. She ageed with enthususiasm only to text me last night saying she had something else to do.

So I have a three year old shop assistant who is very good at cleaning the lower halfs of the windows and waveing a broom around to trick me into thinking that she is cleaning the floor. She rearranges the jewellery in the display cabinet and sometimes models it for clients. We (now) have a stack of kids books in the shop, so some clients get the bonus of hearing a fairy-tale while they try on Pucci. We even have a climbing frame for her to play on. She climbs up and up, then freezes and shreiks in terror at the lofty heights she has reached.


  1. How adorable is she?! But what is up with the school system? Ah, the joys of different cultures!

    Seriously though, if I lived there, I would babysit for you in a heartbeat! Okay, here's the deal - you find me a place to live, and I'll come there and be your babysitter! ;-p

  2. Hi Kali, in a recent post niki offered a bedroom and food in her own house to the new babysitter!

  3. It's hard but I'm sure you will be able to find some-one you could really trust in...........good luck!

  4. So very tempting...if it's weren't for this husband of mine...


  5. I don't like children much but I'll come babysit. I can teach her how to make me cocktails.... :)

    Good luck.

  6. sorry niki I noticed you kept on calling her popy but I didn'n think there was a reason for it, so I thought it made no difference to call her in one way or in another .
    sorry I won't use her real name if this bothers you.

  7. This doesn't solve your problem in the slightest, but if we are able to meet next June when I'm there, perhaps I can take her off your hands for an afternoon!


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