Friday, June 16

surprise wedding

How about holding a wedding that even the bride and groom don't know about? Well, that's what we did today! This couple from Texas got married in May...but there was a twist. The bride was in Texas and the groom was in service in Iraq. Now, finally they are on their honeymoon, and decided to dress up and get some wedding photos taken.What they didn't know was that Cindy, the photographer, had organized a blessing with scattered rose petals and champagne in a nearby hotel, with a handful of guests too! It was definately the most laid back, stress free wedding I've ever been to!


  1. How positively wonderful! What a gorgeous picture. :)

  2. Excellent! Kick-ass thing to do ya'll!! Congrats to the couple and all of you who helped make the day a very special one for the newly weds. UUhhh Rahhh!!


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