Sunday, June 11

Italian bathrooms

I have been curious for too long and I can't stay silent any longer. Why, why oh why do Italian public bathrooms NEVER have toilet paper or toilet seats? Do they not use toilet paper in this country? Or is there some conspiracy going on where the unemployed steal all the loo paper so that you are forced to buy multipacks from those tempo tissue sellers that hang around the toll gates? And why no seats? Even a very rich property owning lady I know doesn't have a seat on the loos in her luxury villa. How does she poo? It can't be very comfortable hovering above the toilet bowl every morning. Italians
seem to be so fanatic about cleanliness in their houses and workplaces, how can they stand to have such horrid bathrooms?

If you don't understand what I am fussing about try taking a 3 year old girl into a dirty, paperless, seatless toilet. Little kids need to hold onto the sides when sitting on an adult seat or they will fall in. I should think it comes naturally to not want your child to sit, or grip onto a seatless, unwiped rim. Of course I always have those trusty tempo tissues in my bag, I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without them. But I don't want my daughter growing up thinking that the normal way to have a wee is to perch on a toilet bowel, while burying her head between my knees and wrapping her arms around my legs so as not to touch or fall in.

I reckon its a male thing. If men needed paper to wipe their willies with you can bet your life it would be available in abundancy in every public loo in the realm. And if they needed to sit to piddle, every bathroom would be equipped with self-cleaning and probably heated, ultra-comfy toilet seats, no doubt with added go-faster stripes.


  1. I totally agree with you. When John and I went to Milan, there was one public restroom that didn't even have soap dispensers! :O


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