Wednesday, June 14

wrong side of the bed

This morning I woke up and out of curiosity, I got out of bed on the wrong side, on purpose. Just to see what would happen.

Well, so far, my daughter stole all my breakfast, because her Daddy ate hers, so I went without.
I opened her schoolbag to find an empty drinks carton, a liberal scattering of raisins escaped from their box, and many many happy, excited ants running around , feeding on the mess. I then discovered how difficult it is to get ants out of a schoolbag.

I opened the boutique and found that no one had taken out the rubbish, 4 cardboard boxes, filled with those polystyrene thingys, from a delivery. So I had to close the shop to take out the boxes as there was no room to move. Taking the rubbish out is one of those things that I find so ridiculous that I can't believe the locals put up with it.You have to traipse past the 3 main restaurants on the beach, like a bag lady, struggling with binbags and awkward boxes, then duck into a dark, smelly tunnel which takes you about half a kilometre under the lower part of town until you reach the sewer works and the dump. Nice. The tunnel is long and sometimes inaccesible as there is a stream that runs through it. When it rains it becomes a river. There are also rats the size of small dogs.

Anyway, I got back to the shop to find that the to-do list I had left for the boss had been neatly put aside and completely ignored. One thing on the list I have been asking him to do since April! Grrrrr...

Oh, yes , and when I was dropping Skye off at school, the teacher had a go at me because Carlo keeps picking her up from different bus stops, which he is not allowed to do. The other day he sent his friend to pick her up which is very naughty, they can,t just hand her over to anyone. So I promised them that from today onwards I would make sure he picks her up at the right bus stop. He has just called me to say he can't pick her up because he's got to go to Amalfi, so he's asked babysitter girl to go pick her up from the school gate. For which they need written permission.

Well, at least I know now, not to purposely get out of bed on the wrong side. I hope the spell wears off after midday.

12.04 Babysitter girl just called me, after climbing 264 steps up from school to front door. Of course she hasn't got the key to get in has she?

12.29 I think the spell has worn off.I just got invited to the beach for an all day birthday party tomorrow, and it so happens to be my first day off since I got back fronìm the UK, so I can go!!


  1. love the views. you are one lucky lady!!

  2. All day birthday party at the beach?!? Does it get any better than that? I'm getting out of bed on the wrong side tomorrow.

  3. The birthday party sounds like pure fun! :) I'm glad your day is moving towards a better direction than from this morning. :)

  4. Luckily my bed is against a wall so there really is only one side to get out of. Whew!
    Have fun at the party!

  5. How does one know which is the wrong side of the bed...God...I'm fearing I've been using it my whole life!!! Ahhh
    Loved the description of the "under" banchina...

  6. Okay, so no more messing with old wives tales I guess?

    I was feeling like a grouchy expat until a read this and a wee smile popped out.

    Thanks. :)


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