Friday, July 14

dinner talk

Whilst doing the make up of yesterdays bride I realised that nobody has ever asked me to marry them. How sad! I mentioned it at our odd* dinner party and it sparked off a heated debate on how men don't feel the need to get engaged or married, they just do it to make the woman happy. I didn't agree with this because I don't think men would actually bother to propose and do the whole wedding fiasco thing if they really didn't want to.

*Odd dinner party being the type where you invite people over to dinner, knowing that there is not enough food to feed them. So you call your partner and ask him to stop off at the shops on the way home and buy some food.An hour and a half and 3 very hungry girls later your partner walks in with no shopping muttering about problems at work. While you dash into the kitchen and cook three different meals out of nothing, your guests ask your partner,who works in a cemetary, what sort of problem could possibly happen in his workplace?

After scaring them a bit by telling them one of the dead woke up (can you believe they fell for that!) he said he didn't want to talk about it. So your guests pester him a bit more and just as you are serving up tuna and bean salad for 2, vegetable omlette for one and pork casserole for 2, he relents and tells you all about the coffin that exploded.

So you quickly change the subject and kick off a debate about men, marriage, seperation and divorce, and top up the wine glasses faster than usual, hoping to keep everyone distracted from what they are really thinking about...


  1. Niki, you are very funny. And you do have a subject matter resource beyond most.
    PS/ did you ever make the chinese meatball pasta?

  2. Hello Niki. Very funny post. And I checked out your artwork at La Bella Sposa. Very nice. Do you do that on a freelance basis? Was it hard to get started with that? I've always wondered about doing my own thing in Italy. Maybe I'll get in touch with you when I decide to get married in Italy. And speaking of marriage, I agree with you that men get engaged because they want to and not just to make the woman happy. But I also think that a couple doesn't need to be married to be happy. You, your daughter and Carlo sound perfectly happy to me. :)

  3. I don't think you can generalise - it depends on the people involved. My (Italian) husband really wanted to get married and I wasn't so sure but definitely knew that I wanted to be with him and now, two years later, I am so happy that we are married! I just take a lot of convincing ...

  4. It wasn't a criticism - I didn't mean "you" you but more "anyone" you as in - non si può ... iyswim!
    Love your blog btw!

  5. men just wait for women to tell them what to do. but the tricky part is they expect you to make it seem like its their idea in the first place. ..or something--

  6. It took me until last Christmas morning to get proposed to, and I had just turned 34 and been with my boyfriend for over 12 years! I got the whole down-on-one-knee proposal, complete with a gorgeous ring...something I thought would never happen simply because of how long we had been together.

    But I agree with you was pretty much a formality for us by that point, and making things "official" was definitely something he wanted to do.

    And it has taken me years, but I have finally figured out how to make him think he is the one who comes up with all the brilliant ideas! ;-)

  7. Men need to be 'encouraged' to make that step these days. If you have everything you want without having to go through the perceived hassle of marriage, it's hard to get yourself in gear and take that last step.


  8. I LOVE the make up job you did on the bride. Her eyeshadow is gorgeous. :)


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