Tuesday, July 11


Before the match on Sunday I was explaining to Skye where we were going. “There will be lots of people all shouting at the TV and there might be fireworks and balloons too, like a party.”
“And hamsters too?” she asked.
“Hamsters mummy? At the party?”
“Um, no, I don't think there will be any hamsters at the party...” I was left wondering how she has managed to associate hamsters with parties.

I figured it out.
After telling Babysitter Girl that no TV was allowed, she ignored me and gave Skye a video. This video is one of those weird japanese cartoons that Italians seem to love so much. It features a sickly cute hamster that escapes from its cage and goes on adventures with other escaped critters. The video has been left at our house, but I have never played it. Until the other day when it was raining, I put it on and watched as Skye bounced on the sofa and sang the theme tune word perfect. (So much for the no TV rule.)

Anyway, hamsters and parties. At one of the recent local festas there was a balloon seller. She spotted him from a distance and her eyes lit up. “Mummy, look he got hamster balloons!” Sure enough he did got balloons in the shape of that japanese cute cartoon hamster. I bought her one and she loved that balloon so much that every night she went to sleep, clutching the string. Until a few nights later I woke in fright as a large deflating hamster drifted into my bedroom and landed on me. So I killed it with a knife (don't tell Skye) and squashed the air out of it and put it in her treasure box.

Then there was another festival. Along with the balloons, fireworks, people in party dresses, there was a mini street market set up on the road, and amongst the toys, sweets and candyfloss, there was a pet stand and we saw real live hamsters! She got to put her fingers through the bars of the cage and feel how soft the little things were. She was fascinated and kept going back to see the hamsters. She didn't ask for one though.

So due to these hamster incidents, my daughter now firmly believes that where there are parties there will be hamsters too...


  1. Hamtaro (I assume that's the hamster in question) is CUTE! She must have been a little disappointed when there were no hamster azzurri though... :)

  2. How precious is she?! At least she didn't ask you to buy her a hamster, that you would end up taking care of!

  3. And that is why I never used a babysitter...you were lucky though if she did not ask you to buy one...Noodle did, not the hamster but the duck...

  4. I most certainly did NOT buy it...although he asked.
    I should add that a friend bought 3 of them in the morning which by the afternoon were ALL eaten by the cat...and THAT IS SAD, both for the ducks and the poor kids.
    I should also say that when I was a kid I did buy a duck at a festa but I became so attached to it that when it grew and did not fit in our home anymore, it was the hardest thing to do to separate from it...so I took it to the pond in "cascata" in good company with other ducks. And I felt better.


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