Friday, July 21

just gotta have shade

Dear Mr Mayor,
The new pier is lovely. Clean and fairly flat, stable and steady. The newly tidied up river is a nice bonus, and it looks much better than before. The banana trees were an extra nice touch, and the flowers on the edge of the Banchina (pier) are very sweet.

But may I please suggest that you dig just a little deeper in your pockets to provide us with some shade. Many people have to queue up under the blazing sun for half an hour or more to buy tickets and wait for the ferries. There is no shade or seating for them anywhere, which is a bad thing.

A lot of people faint and feel unwell under the hot sun. Yes, I know that the Red Cross is nearby, but we don't need to create work for them do we?
Yesterday I went to Amalfi by ferry, and while we were waiting to come back to Positano, we sat on a lovely bench on the pier, shaded by a large umbrella,which the people of Amalfi had so thoughtfully provided.

It would be much nicer to see our visitors sitting on shady benches rather than crouching on the floor and gathered around the backs of the ticket booths, desperately searching relief from the sun. You wouldn't want people saying that Amalfi is better organized than here, would you now? So, please, enough flowers, more shade.


  1. Ten or twelve of these on the Banchina would look attractive for years:

  2. Dear Anonimo ,
    excellent idea !!!
    They would really look nice on our banchina , for sure they would not last for years , but your input was terrific !!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!

  3. btw wanna have some fun read this :

  4. good idea! i remember being there and finding nowhere to sit other than with my feet hanging off the old peer and the sun blazing down on me. some public shaded benches would be wonderful there!


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