Thursday, July 27


The other day I wrote a post disguised as a letter to the Mayor about the lack of shade and seating on the pier. The local-journalist-man read it and 'just like totally copied me man'! He even used my photo. The difference is he got it published in the 'Corriere della Sera' a regional newspaper. He said he didn't put my name in it because he didn't want the mayor to be angry with me for starting it! Let's just hope something becomes of it.


  1. Yay, that makes both of us published authors :D

    That's a big fish. Are you going to eat it? That's dinner for a week!

  2. But does she taste as good on the barbie?

    Sorry, that was out of order. Bt a little bit funny so I'm leaving it in!

  3. Wow. That is one beautiful catch... and the fish is pretty good too.
    --William in L.A.

  4. Hi Niki, you did it again !!!
    Why do you keep calling him a Journalist ??? If I were one (a real
    one, a professional)I would feel very offended !!
    One more time, I had the proof of what I already stated in my comment
    posted on June 22 .Why could your name not be mentioned in the article
    ??? I wont tell you're too smart not to understand it
    yourself !!
    The fish looks really great .....................and should taste even
    better !! Buon Appetito!

  5. Kali- yes thats him!
    Ms mac- she wont let me eat her, she says she's not a ham sandwich...
    William, control yourself!!
    Heart-I dont want to sue, I just want shade!

  6. Sue anyway. And then use the money from the settlement to buy a parasol! :)

  7. I totally agree with Teddy Bear...the fact that he needed to copy your post in order to write an article proves that he's NO journalist...COME ON!!! We know who we are talking about. You should claim rights on that article!!!
    What a jerk!
    Next tiem I meet the Mayor I'll tell him myself.
    BTW lovely tuna (it IS a tuna right?)

  8. That fish is huge.

    I think you should have received some credit or at least a mention for your article. The journalist could have put both your names on it. I don't think you said anything remotely offensive.

  9. He didn't copy it word for word, he used it as inspiration!But,Oi! Michele! Next time I want credit too!
    Oh, and the fish was a palamita, from the tuna family, I didn't eat it , it wasn't mine!

  10. omg! did he call you a TURISTA????
    he needs his facts straightend out!

    and what the people above said!

  11. Ehi... la foto sta anche sul sito e l'articolo non è stato preso integralmente... anzi, visto che non capisco l'inglese ho scritto altro.. interviste ai politici (che costano telefonate) e fare un articolo è diverso dal fare un blog.. dunque l'articolo è tutto mio.. la foto è simpatica ma non me la pagano! Un giornalista nota i problemi e li scrive, non li ignora.. qualunque sia la fonte.. Se niki vuole fare la giornalista libera di farlo.. ha denunciato una cosa ed io ho preso spunto dalla sua denuncia.. non ho copiato l'articolo, il problema esisteva e lo vedo anche io visto che scrivo da 20 anni qui.. comunque grazie

  12. Hey Niki.

    I think everyone is being a little too hard on the guy. He posted his comments right before mine and I can see both sides of the story. Niki maybe you can work with him on future articles. That could be your other freelance job :)

  13. You are so funny Niki.I'm rereading all your Blogs and chuckle to myself all the time...You write about the things I recognize at Positano, its just as if I was still there!


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